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I called dish begging them not to turn my cable off cause i have shingles an cannot contact with ppl cause I'm contagious an just.wanted an extension but was denied where is the value in dish i pays my bill but soon my 2 year contract up I'm switching my service to a company that value your customers Add comment

  • 7 hours ago
  • Television/ Radio
  • Vidor, Texas
  • 5

Internet hasn't streamed properly in forever. The few time that it would stream the next few days I get an email. Oh ! you've used 100% of your data your connection or whatever will be significantly reduced which in essence means I have paid $65 for a month of usage and only get a few days truly where it that fair and over a year of dishtv please before I get real mad I want out a library,... Read more

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  • 12 hours ago
  • Media
  • 4

We live in the country and have no choice but satellite internet. We have dish tv so we bundled internet. What a joke. Television ads say you can watch videos and stream movies. Yeah right. We can stream for maybe 5 or 6 days out of the month. The rest of the time we cant load a lot of web pages. On top of that, it is super expensive. Cant wait for our phone company Century link to expand service... Read more

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I called this over a dispute on my bill they were supposed to put me through to a supervisor but instead I could hear other people calling and talking to DISH Network and giving out personal information I could have easily wrote down people's social security numbers pin numbers I called the State Attorney's office and they want me to file a complain are going to investigate Add comment

  • Aug 25
  • Television/ Radio
  • Awful Customer Service
  • 17

One day I received an email from DISH addressed to "Amanda" (I am not Amanda), regarding her account. This email had some personal information of hers including her address, so I called DISH to tell them that 1. I am not Amanda and do not email me 2. Their mistake gave someones information out. The customer service rep didn't quite understand my issue, kept trying to look me up in the system. I... Read more

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DISH network SUCKS!!! every time it rains it loses signal! I'd rather deal with TIME WARNER!! Add comment

  • Aug 19
  • Television/ Radio
  • Camden, Arkansas
  • New Equipment
  • 17

Original installation included one of my favorite channels. Later the channel was made HD, I asked for it to be reinstalled to my package only to find out my equipment was outdated and I'd have to pay to upgrade it. Mind you, when I leave Dish I'll have to return the new equipment I've had to pay. Though I've been a customer for several years, no offer of an appreciation discount offered. Hurry... Read more

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Turn down the volume during commercials. You are obnoxious. I thought it was illegal.John Add comment

  • Aug 17
  • Media
  • Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • Overcharge
  • 22

PUBLICpublished review 8/17/14 At the start of my service with dish network I was very clearly told my price would be $29.99 for 12 months and $39.99 for the next 12 months. After 11 months I noticed my price increased from $29.99 to $39.99 2 months early than on the 12th month my price went to $68.29 to be exact. There were several other times before this where I was overcharged and they fixed... Read more

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  • Aug 16
  • Television/ Radio
  • Wilmington, Delaware
  • Satellite Dish
  • 23

We called customer service to ask clarification about why our bill doubled (no upgrade in service) within an 18-month period. We expected a small increase, $20-$30 in our bill after the original promotions expired. We were given an indecipherable explanation by the first representative and were transferred to a different representative. The next person had a higher level of authority, we were... Read more

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