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Wow. So we were DISH customers for approximately 3.5 years. No problems with them maintaining contract for TV service. No surprises. UNTIL now. We had to discontinue our service due to an out-of-state move. When I called to inform DISH of date I wanted service ended, I informed the rep to send box with prepaid shipping label immediately and not to wait as box would arrive too late if shipped when service ended. You can guess what happened; I was... Read more

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I totally can relate to this abuse of our rights. In this day and age we the consumer rely on internet and heck some tv also. But the scamming corruption of Bully companies has got to end. I opt out. Netflix, Amazon Prime and or a good book is better than bending over for these criminals huh... I am protesting and I think we all should otherwise they will infect us with there lies. worse yet is there stealing our hard working money and... Read more

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Dish lied said 2 years no price increase no my bill went from 50 to $70 and if you don't get Latino you get no channels dish is racist and thiefs . Add comment

Lie lie lie!! *** poor service and value. Hidden fees and increases. Not for me. Getting an antenna, have Hulu and Netflix. Better value for much much less. Tired of being lied to. Add comment

Never again. Going to get an antenna and tell Dish to kiss my a*s. Too many price raises. Too many lies and hidden charges. With Hulu and Netflix i have more for a *** of a lot less. Dish SUCKS! Add comment

I switched to Dish in 2009. They sent an installer (independent contractor) to install a dish and he swiped the digital DTV equipment from the house AND my RV. The RV had nothing to do with the change, but was told they would fix problem and have someone come over with equipment a few days later. They sent a guy with an old beat up mint green 1970's ford truck with old *** stuff in the bed ( not the digital stuff we had) so I excused him and... Read more

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I hate dish! They lie and tell you they will never raise their prices, but here I am paying almost $200 a month for their subpar service. Their representatives are incompetent to say the least, and that's if you can get one you can even understand because most of them are foreign. I cannot wait for my contract to be up so I can drop them. Add comment

Dish Network damaged my roof
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installer in 12/12/14 installed a dish on my roof and my roof started taking on water and now the roof is rotted out their is a large dip where the dish is still mounted I kept having problems with the service had a tech come out multiple time always had to reset the dish and not a one of them let me know it was sinking into the roof even tried to hid the fact that they didn't seal it to begin with by sealing it the *** happen to drop and forget... Read more

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Dish customer service is absolutley horrible. You can barely understand them, they are rude, likes to hang up on you, and keep you on hold when you ask for a supervisor. Add comment

I had Dish for several years. Paid on time and never had a complaint. During bad weather, it was always out and had to call for service credit. I still would be with them, but they had a problem with negotiating with the only station that I had them for. I called and terminated service. I paid on termination all that I owed. One year later my credit alert sent me a notification of unpaid bill over sixty days. Fortunately, I had refinanced... Read more

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