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Dish Network Service Truck Damaged My Yard
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I needed a Dish Network service technician to come and program a replacement DVR for me. When the technician arrived, instead of pulling his truck into my gravel driveway he decided it would be better to drive his truck into my yard. Well, that was a major mistake. His truck sank about 4" into the dirt (soft soil and grass) and immediately became stuck. After completing the service call he... Read more

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I have been a Dish customer for over 10 years. Approximately 1.5 years back a Dish representative came to my door and offered me a free upgrade on equipment, which I accepted. I needed to cancel my Dish service because my company is moving me to another state and I've elected to use another bundle service after my move. Today I learned that Dish created a new account on me when my they updated my... Read more

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We have had Dish for 2 years. The pricing was 49.00 dollars a month plus 32 dollars for equipment total to a price of 74 dollars a month. After the twelve months our pricing changed to 74 dollars plus 36 dollars which equals $110.00 plus taxes. We received coupons offering lower prices for our plan.There were offers for customers for 39.00 for 200 channels which we have. After contacting Dish... Read more

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Being a Peyton Manning fan my family was looking forward to the game. The Manning family is from Mississippi as I am and we have watched Archie play his entire life and now his sons. We have followed them from Ole Miss to pros. We got to watch the pre-game shows but just before kick-off lost the signal. As I chatted with customer service and followed their attempt to fix the problem it could... Read more

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On 11/09/2015 there was a Fraud payment that DiSH Had took out of my bank card witch was $90.56 . My bill is suppose to be only $36.75 at the time because if the free 6months . The free 6months was not due untill Feb. I HAD called and told them thr next day why was there a overpay and they had apoligize Repeatly and said that i cant get the amount back on my card . I had to credit it off of dish... Read more

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What a nightmare company. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. They keep upping the charges constantly even though I was guaranteed my rate by the Office of the President.....even this I think was part of the scam....There should be a class action suit against this company and they should be forced to pay back all the money they have illegally charged and collected from... Read more

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Dish is absolutely the worst company. They are swindlers, liars, unprofessional, rude, and unhelpful. Avoid this company at all costs. They will change their prices on you at a whims notice. They will remove channels from your plan and then pretend they didn't. They make changes at random times and do not inform you. They will also call you and harass you in the most unprofessional way possible.... Read more

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DISH and our local CBS carrier (WINK Broadcasting in Ft Myers FL) have not stettled contract and customers have been blacked out for almost a month. Playoff football and many prime time shows blacked out. NO SUPER BOWL if continues. Time for customers to leave DISH. Something should be done about corporations using paying customers as bargaining tools!!! Add comment

I switched from DirecTV to Dish based on their new advertised 3 year price lock. Their website says that Hopper + Joey (Super Joey Required) says that I'll be able to record or watch 8 channels at a time. My service was installed 3 days ago, and I went to watch live TV and figured out I couldn't because I was already recording 3 shows. HMM. 3 is less than 8. Turns out I wasn't sold a Super... Read more

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I was interested in the 2 year Dish Network contract. Unfortunately, I have had a negative experience in regards to identity theft therefore I don’t release my SS#. Instead I pay for services up front as needed. I expressed my interest in paying the entire 2 year commitment up front therefore it would alleviate your risk. I was told in multiple ways this will never happen, “we have 15 million... Read more

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