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We keep getting info about how great Dish is compared to their competition...We have Dish we like Dish but your prices continue to go up all the time..we are senior citizens on limited income and we watch maybe 15 channels...TCM being our favorite...have to take the 200 package to get with the $5.00 increase we are up to $100 a month..we have the Joey and hopper for DVR... Read more

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Dish Network has impressed me. I didnt know one company could tell so many different lies. Had a problem with my installation and installer told me he was sorry and it would be fixed. That was the beginning of the lies. If you ever see or hear a Dish Network person run. Run as far away as you can. Read more

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Dish tv, they are scammers, there customer service is horrible, they don't know anything, was told by one cs $128 up front, then would get a 50 gift card, they took two payments, that added up to $128, instead of one payment for $128, they said they could not find the other payment, they knew nothing about a gift card, had to call my bank, bank gave me a phone number, it was a 3rd party for the... Read more

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If U put service on hold during first 90 day premium offer, Your billing will negate the initial offer and resort to a full premium ($150+), not advised in initial offer. A victim, not a customer. Also, their equipment failed, receiver, with less than four months use, with the loss of all recordings of premium channels during 90 day free access, and suggest that I buy warranty of $8 a month for... Read more

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My son gave me dish for 2 years as a birthday gift. Wasted my child money. I love him. I hate dish. Sorry service and manners. You all should be buried for what you don't do! It should not take 80 words to describe these sorry *** people but do better with what you claim to sell and then sell it! Stop transferring people to foreigners to *** them off. You didn't transfer me to them when you was... Read more

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On a trip to set up our new computer, Which cost me 50.00 the rep. told me to try a sound bar which I could return if We didn't like it. The sound bar was a piece of junk but when I called to return I was told that it wasn't dish equipment so I would have to ship it to co. and pay all of the postage. Ok so I do hope there is a *** because that where the dishonest people that run dish come from.... Read more

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Dish sucks!!! Been a customer for 3 years turn my service off over 10.00 dollars really after I pay for extra channels but they get rid of those channels still pay for them but I'm promised bill gets lower but what a shock it gets higher..should be ashamed of ur business for taking advantage of loyal customers after we got rid of direct tv being promised of bull ***!!! Add comment

The rep sold my spouse a new sound bar when he came to set up a smart tv. The soundbar was defective. Dish requires me to send it back at my expense because it isn't a dish product. So I am out 50.00 for shipping providing they credit my credit card which they required. After the rep left I had to figure out how to reprogram the remote as it switched to the smart remote so the dish remote... Read more

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I cancelled my service 5 month ago and I am still getting charged (autopay).customer service is not helping ,who else can I talk to ? is there another number I could call ? like a higher ranking person or so ... I also cancelled my auto pay , how can they still withdraw different amounts each month ??.I was no longer under contract with dish so there should not be a fee for early cancellation. I... Read more

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Bye far the worst customer service I've ever delt with would rather wait in line at dmv and deal with their attitude wow! Add comment

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