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While looking for a replacement for cable so i was on the dish network site to check the packages that they offered and above several packages was this $200. gift card offer .

So i called and while speaking with the salesman we went through the packages and the questions and he said with this package there is a $200. gift reward he said it i didn't So i was hesitant but like all salesman they want you to bite and do it right now . And so he says before we get started and you getting the $200. gift card i need your S.S number to see if you qualify so i did and then when we started talking again he say's your good and for signing up Today i am going to give you a $25.

bonus along with the $200. gift card . So i thought wow this is good so i did it well they set me a gift card for $25. but now there trying to back out of the $200.

Needless to say i am angry about it and i am contemplateing getting out because they breach the contract not me and it's dirty pool and bad business practice with this parlor game there wanting to play . So what can i do ?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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