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My contract with Dish includes Fox and Turner programs - not the JUNK that has replaced them. There are only 10 channels I watch out of the 250 I had to "upgrade" to in order to get them.

Now the incompetent, non-negotiating management of Dish has once again decided to remove channels. Stockholders should vote to remove the current management for incompetence before their stock value plummets as customers leave this pathetic excuse for a satellite server. It's ludicrous that Dish passes the blame on Fox. As customers don't have any choice but to pay extra for channels they want; Dish should do the same in negotiating with Fox.

Instead they have "dissed us a Merry Christmas". SUCK IT UP!

I intend to talk to my attorney son regarding this matter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Pangburn, Arkansas, United States #920767

I know when my contract is up I will change servers I will not be a dish customer no more and I hope a bunch of people followed me let's put dish out of business because their rates are way too high so is direct we all need to go back to the old fashion way antenna because what you watch on antenna is what we watch on dish and direct

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