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The whole purpose of having a DVR is to record programs while you are away or to record a program while you watch another. With Dish Network you cannot view any other channel while recording. I called Dish Network support and they told me to record on second TV. That's OK as long as someone else is not watching another program on the second TV.

With today's technology I find this hard to believe that a major supplier of TV programming is not capable of doing this. I just changed over from cable and never imagined Dish Network was so out of date technologically speaking. You can rest assured I will inform any and all friends, family, co-workers and anyone who will listen not to purchase Dish Network.

Very Dissatisfied Customer.

Review about: Dish Network Tv Service.


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I just got dish today and they told me my total was 472.I told them no and they lowered it but still took out 472.

From my account and it is the worzt xable ever. They even charged me 5 dollars to upgrade to thr package that i was originally supposed to have. Outrageous!!!!!!!

I hate comcast but i like them better than this crap.Comcast im coming back.


Yes. Very frustrating. I could do it so easily with Time Warner Cable.


Yepp dish sucks.Always known it but now it's official.

What's the point in having two tv's and DVR if I can't watch something on each and record at the same time?!Get your *** together DISH

Meadville, Pennsylvania, United States #1300353

I agree.It is crazy.

We are forced to get cable for channels that are useless to begin with it.

When there are only a few you want to watch, one can not record wile watching another.I tried the other TV deal and it did not work.

South El Monte, California, United States #1288578

Wow I don't know what you guys are doing different but I have had dish for years and can easily watch a program while recording a different show.In fact you can record two and still watch something different.

There are four different colored oblong buttons, while watching a show if you press the red one it will show you your tuners.If one is recording you can scroll down to the next one .

to Anonymous #1373115

Thank you South El Monte, but I pressed the red oblong button...then green...

then yellow...then blue. Same result with all.

Absolutely nothing.They are obviously there to decorate the remote with no real purpose.

to Sheila #1415596

You guys have old dish network equipment maybe a 722 or a 622 dvr call and complain and upgrade to a hopper 3 you can watch a show and record 15 more for the same dvr charge per month u need an equipment upgrade is all

Frankfort, Kentucky, United States #1285361

This is frustrating!!!I think they they have this set up that way intentionally

thinking there customers will buy one of those HOPPER things!!

Not me.....I will survive while I'm recording and I can watch my other recorded shows!!All about the $$$$!!!


We r having the same problem I switched from directv never had this issue I would not recommend anyone to make the move to dish

Blair, Wisconsin, United States #1266970

I hear you. *** me off too. You're not alone

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