My sister since referred us to Dishnetwork when we were looking to get cable. When the installer arrived, we asked him first thing how to sign up for the referral program.

He said all we had to do was contact the customer service to do so. Well, I did. I spoke to an agent that said that since I did not recieve a referral card from my sister and register it before signing up, that they won't honor the referral. First of all, my sister has been a member for many years.

Either she doesnt remember how the referral program works because its been so long ago that she signed up with them, or they may have even changed it since then. Either way, the agent was rude, and obviously had no care to help or give me other options. He just wanted to get off the line and just kept saying that he was sorry for the inconvenience. Poor customer service!

He finally referred me to his manager, after I requested him to do so. I had the same argument with him. I pointed out that I did what I should have...Not being a customer, I took every approach I thought I should in regards to this problem. I asked the installer first thing about it, and follow what THEIR employee told me to do, which was contact customer service, which gave me no help.

How am I supposed to know how the program works if I am just signing up with them? How am I to know that I shouldnt trust what the installer/employee of theirs tell me to do when asked up front? I was then referred to another department to help with my problem....Which, I inconveniently got disconnected on THEIR SIDE which shows obvious problems with the customer service that they have. All I want is to get the referral owed to my sister and I.

Is it really that much to ask? I took the approach to do this correctly from the beginning, and it never got me to the goal because of how un-honest this company is.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Customer Care.

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I just started with Dish in September. I spoke to them about the referral the very first night, before installation, and many times after.

They did not and have not honored the referral from my friend. I regret ever signing up with them and as soon as my contract is up, I am back to Comcast or DirecTV.


This my friend is just to obvious you must tell them when you sighn up to tell them ur being referred ive referred plenty of family and friends and never had a problem and got my Xbox one and ps4 legit100%


Yes, Dish Network doesn't seem to want to honor referral codes after the installation has been done.

If you go to: www.dish.com/refer

You can enter the code and it will activatie the code that was given to you by a friend.

This $50 code should be good if you need one: VCD0011784576


That is awful but they have to enter the referral code in before submitting the order or it won't take.

Florence, Kentucky, United States #710106

I normally don't respond to posts but as I am a) also unhappy with DISH, and b) extremely irritated at one of the replies made to your initial post and in a mood, (lol), I will give it a shot. Looks like you are having a problem I actually had myself a couple years back when my mom and dad used a referral I gave them to sign up.

Took us about six months, but I ended up getting my referral money because I told them I was sick of the run around and cancelling my service. The person that posted a reply telling you to do that was right- they will help you if you tell them you're done with them. Now, as far as the reply you got from MikeDISH- wow. What an asshat.

I don't think he is the same Mike that is working for DISH and offering to help you, thank god, because if customer service acted like THAT, I'd hang up on them and ship all equip back that day. he said for you to "learn english". Really? Because I think you were pretty spot on when you said "fraudulently promised".

See, the agent who sold you the system over the phone and possibly the person who installed it as well, works on commission, so they're gonna promise you the sun and moon if it gets you to sign up. In making the sale, that agent received monetary gain, and didn't really care if you ended up getting the referral bonus that was a reason you signed up in the first place! While they told you about a program they certainly DO offer, they conveniently neglect to tell you HOW to sign up, and that is just plain and simply- WRONG. They need to give proper instruction to all phone personnel and installers so they give you, the customer, accurate information!!

Is that so hard? I don't think it should be. DISH advertises an A+ rating on the BBB, and honestly, I just don't see how that could possibly be true.

I wish you luck, friend. I hope it all works out for you in the end, and in the meantime, I am going to keep my fingers crossed that a company that we can trust (and that doesn't feel like bending us over and using a cactus on us) come out soon.s

Valley Springs, California, United States #709918

The way this program REALLY works is to create so many hoops to jump through that in practice you need to have degrees in law and accounting to even have a chance to get yourself a rebate. The best response is to call in to cancel your service and then watch how fast they accommodate you. The only thing these folks seem to understand is a customer who is ready to leave.

Wallingford, Connecticut, United States #635509

Same problem here in CT. I signed up for DISH service, the installer gave me several referral cards.

The cards were for a $50 credit to me and $50 to my referral when they signed up.

I gave a card to my son and his wife, they signed up for DISH and give the referral card # so that we would get the rebate, and I'm still fighting customer service - 4 MONTHS LATER! - to receive what we were fraudulently promised.

to dish_customer Aurora, Colorado, United States #635559

I understand how this can be frustrating and I am happy to help you today. My name is Mike Houston at DISH and to better help you would you e-mail me? My e-mail address is; Michael.houston@dish.com

to dish_customer #635755

The term fraudulently promosed does not apply. No one can make personal gains on a promise.

Fraud is committed by purposeful deception for personal gain. You cannot gain something from a promise andare you sure your son and his wife followed all the steps of the rebate process.

There are so many fine lines that i never use rebates. They seem to be made for people with nothing but time and the ability to understand all the fine points.

Aurora, Colorado, United States #634974

Hi my name is Mike Houston a Social Media Representative at DISH. I understand you’re frustrated about this and I am happy to help you today.

The way the program works is when you sign up for DISH services and you were referred by a family member or friend you will get a referral number. Did you sign up online or did you call in?

Would you send me an e-mail with the phone number on the account to assist you further? If so, my e-mail is; Michael.houston@dish.com


to MikeDISH Tampa, Florida, United States #932790

So the process is quite simple. I am a dish technician.

The referral code has to be added to the referee's account before their receivers are activated. The referee has to have the code from the referer. The referee can call dish themselves, 1-800-333-3474, at any point before receivers are activated and ask them to add the code. The referee receives credit immediately while the referer does not receive credit for atleast 30 days.

If your equipment gets activated before the code gets added you are SOL. The technician can not do this for you or they risk losing their job due ti possible fradulent behaviour. Telling you to call customer service was correct.

There are no hoops to jump through. You just have to be really referred and not calling in after the fact expecting to abuse the system.

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