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I should be reimbursed all monetary payments I paid for services that were not explained to me by Dish Customer Service Representative reasons stated below:

When I called to get Dish services I was not informed I would not have HD services. I told the employee I had an 82” TV along with a 37” TV that my family would be watching TV on.

The dish customer service rep. informed me the date they would come out and set dish up, I was told to have someone 18 years old or older to be there in order to set my dish up. My son was present for the dish installation; I had a family emergency I had to attend to out of town. My son tried calling me about the installation to explain that our TV was very blurry; that it was hard to watch. I called the local Dish and inquired about it, and he informed me that he knows it’s crappy service and it’s happened several times and he wished they would change their policy, he stated we are not told that we will not get HD TV, and that we have to pay additional costs to upgrade. So, I called ask why I didn't receive the HD receiver and they said I didn't order it and I spoke with several customer service reps that were rude to me and told me I had to a pay $499 additional price to get an HD receiver so I called the local dish service man and he told me to try calling again and see if I got a different service rep. I called again and finally got someone who told me that I qualified for the FLEX package and that didn't include HD TV and she didn't know why they didn't explain it to me on the phone but since it was already installed they couldn't do anything about it but she said she spoke with her boss and I could get an additional one for half price and I told her I would call back so I called to cancel Dish and they informed me I would be charged for early termination fees which would be high and I asked about how much it would cost to get HD TV for the living room and also asked about getting that same device for my bedroom, and was told how much and I agreed and paid it. I was also told when I called that I could upgrade to the “Everything Package” for a $1 more and paid $1.03 with my credit card 11/01/12 and also paid $214.90 to get two receivers that I was told I would get, the customer service rep told me I had to pay half price for both of them since it was before the 14 days.

The dish installation person came to install it on 11/05/12 then was told after he tried to activate it that I OWED even money, $250 and he had only instructions to install ONE receiver instead of the TWO that I was told I paid for. The first customer service rep was rude and told me that I had ordered the “Everything Package” and I wasn't allowed to get it, I informed him the previous customer service rep was the one that told me about the “Everything Package” and told me I could get it for a $1 and they had charged my credit card OVER THE PHONE $1.03 and I was told on the phone they only had record of one Receiver to be installed. So, the installer only installed ONE receiver. Then I couldn't get it to work when I sit down to watch TV so I had to call that night to see about getting it to work and after three hours we finally got it to work.

On 11/18/12 I checked my bill online, they charged me an additional $383.95 and when I called they said it was for my receiver and I explained to her I paid for the receiver already and she kept arguing with me about it, then she looked and said no, it’s for all the pro-rated charges, etc. So, I told her again I wanted to cancel my services. I was informed again about canceling and the high cost of canceling it would be. I put both dish receivers in their box and called DirecTV where I paid $100 to get it set up and I have everything I wanted plus I have the genie that records up to five shows at a time and boxes for every room. So, therefore I saved a bunch of money and that’s who I should have gone to in the first place. I also received another bill on 12/18/12 that I owed an additional $232.42.

Dish finally sent me a box to ship my equipment back in (after several months) in ONE box that doesn't fit both receivers so I shipped both receivers and everything else like remotes and other equipment in the original box I have from Dish.

I am reporting this to the Better Business Bureau along with sending them any other information they need. I should be reimbursed everything I paid Dish, because of the evasiveness of the services I was told on the phone I was receiving. I believe this is how Dish get customers by deception so they will have to either use your service or pay an early termination bill that people can’t afford.


Paula Chambers

Monetary Loss: $420.

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I understand there's been some concern about your billing and specific offers and would be more than happy to help you! If you could please email me your account number at michael.lemar@dish.com, I can take a look and optimally assist you. Thank you very much and I look forward to speaking with you!

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