We switched from Directv to Dish at the end of our Directv contract. We had several conversations with Dish representatives who assured us about the sports programming we would be able to receive.

These conversations were both over the phone, and during "live chat" sessions on their website where we directly asked their representative if we would have access to all games - ie, the equivilant of "Sunday Ticket". We reiterated this many times. I printed out the transcript of the dialog with the Dish representative and we asked specifically about all access to games, and were assured that was included in what we were entitled to.

They lie.

Period. They dont say you MIGHT have access, IF it's not blacked out.

It's more like "of course, you have access to all " They lie. Period.

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I had the same issue. They deceive you by not providing a schedule of games televised and purposely avoid answering questions in emails by beating around the bush. I had my service for only 5 weeks and want $480 to cancel and switch to Direct TV which televises my games

Halifax, Virginia, United States #854584

Dish lies about the price and they don't raise there rates. My bill has gone from 59.87 to 88.23 a month.

The sad thing is I can only get dish I my area. They also say they send the bills out on the 8th of each month, I receive my bill on 18th each month it doesn't give me enough time to send the payment in. The bill is due on the 21st and dish Will shut it service off if that payment isn't in there on the 21st. They're the worse satellite company I've ever been with and they do nothing but false advertise and mislead the consumers.

I'll be so glad when another satellite company comes my way or even a cable company will do. Unsatisfied consumer!!!!

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