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i received the shipping box from dishnet to ship their black boxes back to them upon cancelling my subscription. i followed their instructions, boxed and submitted to ups.

there was no notice of charge to me. ups shipped the box back to dishnet. 3 months later i get a notice from a collection agency that i owe dishnet $18.32. no billing from dishnet, no notice, just the collection process.

i will certainly not do business with this company in the future.

i went on-line and learned that dishnet does this delayed billing technique as a normal business process. you can imagine what they make on thousands of disappointed customers like myself.

Monetary Loss: $18.

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Had you actually listened to the disclosures at the end of the call you would have heard "There will be a 17 dollar charge if you use the shipping label and empty box provided by dish in returning the leased equipment." I make sure the customer is clearly aware of this and let them know that they can ship it back anyway they choose to avoid the charge from dish.

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