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Right off dish network are cons ! My brother talk to them about getting service and they told him he needed to find someone with an account .

He ask me and I spoke with a guy from dish and he told me that if I did it then when my brother set up a bank account it could be transferred over in his name ...well that was a lie . When we called to change it over they said they couldn't do it ..the only way I could get it out of my name is if I went into the army or I died . The guy also told me my card number would be taken off the account and only the card my brother payed with would be on the account . Another lie .

My bank called me that I had been over drafted by $ 412.00 and they told me it was dish . And I didn't give permission for them to do it . So I called dish and spoke to someone else who said yeah they did it and were getting ready to charge another $400.00 I said like *** you will so I have contacted my lawyer . Not to mention the last person said they had a contract I signed I said hmmm really ?

Because I never seen a contract to sign also I live 3 hours away from my brother so how the *** did I sign it ?

So anyone who thinks about getting dish network DON'T you will get taken by cons .

Monetary Loss: $412.

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I've gone over your post and would like to help you! It sounds like your brother may not have qualified for the promotional plan he requested. Once an account is open, it will always remain the resonsibility of the account holder who is the person whose name and personal information was used to qualify the account. The card used to qualify will always remain on the account for any possible unreturned equipment or early termination charges. It's not able to be replaced. What's able to be replaced is any card we have on file for autopay, which is automatically used each month for payment toward the due balance. Autopay can be activated, deactivated, and updated at any time.

Please email me the account or phone number at michael.lemar@dish.com so I can further assist you.

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