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I left the cable company for dish network. I do not have a major credit card, so I was set up on a "pre pay' account, without being told, or explaining what it is.

My bill was due on Jan 23, I paid it on Jan 25, and on Jan 27 my service was disconnected, although I paid it at one of their authorized payment centers. I contacted customer service with a receipt number, but was told that until their computer posts the payment, it's not paid. I have filed a complaint with the PA Attorney General, as they have been sued for deceptive business practices, and have had to pay millions of dollars. I think they need sued again.

They haven't learned.I really think they do that to collect reconnection fees. If this has happened to anyone else, please file a complaint with your Attorney General in your state

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Account.

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Isnt that between YOU and your "authorized payment center"? Why is it that the paying customers have to worry about whether your getting your money from the people YOU have authorize to collect it, and have THIER service disconnected as a result?

If you dont trust them enough to forward you the money we pay, (which is the END of OUR obligation), then you shouldnt have "authorized" them to begin with.. You policies suck as bad as your service!


Hi, this is Alicia Brink. I'm with DISH Network.

I apologize about the confusion. When you make a payment through a different company other than DISH Network you will have to verify with that company how long it will take for the payment to reach us. Having a receipt number only tells the company that you provided your money to, that you paid them it does not tell DISH Network that the company is sending the funds to us. Most companies will have several ways to make payment some will be quicker than others.

To make sure your payment is received on time you will want to contact the retailer you are making payment to and verify what their standard procedures are.

Keep in mind you can always make payment directly to us online, through your receiver or by calling. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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