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After two and a half years we've had it with Dish.Dumping AMC was the last straw besides numerous harrassment tactics over billing we have encountered, because I refuse to go auto pay with them.

Long story short, we cancelled and went back to Directv. ( MUch better reception by the way with the new equipment) Dish wanted to gouge me for an updated reciever. We were told we have thirty days to return their equipment or face charges on our card. Problem?

It's been three weeks and they haven't sent the labels yet. I know the game they are playing. We wont get the labels in time and they gouge us for being late. Solution?

Lose your credit card, apply for a new one. These people are the WORST company I have dealt with in years. Intimidation, monthly threats to cancel if the bill is not recieved in 48 hours, when they mail you the bill four days before it's due, threats for re-activating, threats if we don't go auto pay, threats to get us our equipment back chop chop.

Screw them.I will never do business with Dish again.

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Hello, Anonymous.

I can definitely understand the concern and frustration. I hope by now the labels have been received and equipment sent back.

If you still have not received them or are still having problems, please let me know. I can review the account and manually mail out the labels. You can also use your own shipping methods to send the receivers back.

You can reach me at thomas.faust@dish.com if there's anything you would like assistance with.

Tommy Faust

DISH Social Media Representative

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