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Signed up for DISH and canceled the next day as Comcast had better deal. Sent modem back to DISH and 9 days after they recieved and signed for it they charged me $79.00.

Called DISH they would not help so had my bank reverse charge. Recieved letter they were now going to charge $20 stop payment fee (letter had DISH logo on it). This was now going to have an effect on my credit so I called and they said it was just the billing cycle and no one would help so turned it in to Better Business Bureau. Scott with DISH called and said I had to call DISHnet wireline as this was not DISH?????

What? It was clearly represented on my initial phone call that I was bundling with DISH!

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Denver, Colorado, United States #641880

Hi my name is Mike Houston a Social Media Representative at DISH. I can understand how this can be frustrating and I am more than happy to help you today. Was all the DISH equipment returned? Would you please e-mail me with the phone number on the account to better help you? If so, my e-mail is; Michael.houston@dish.com


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