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These dish network people have the worst form of billing I have ever seen. I would like my credits charged back to me as fast as they charge them to me.

Ten bucks a month for 8 months just does not cut it !!! The 3 free months of free programming is just a clever plan to tag on more to your bill. Dish is a joke and a bad one at best.

Please tell me when cable is going to be worth the money that you pay. You pay $39.00 dollars to get all the auction, pre-paid program, holy roller channels and not much else.

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They send out a *** installer that drilled 6 holes thru my walls and won't send anyone to fix it but sure keep calling about the payment!

When they finally call they can come get their sh*t!


Billing is larceny. I clearly indicated for 3 months that I want to discontinue all the "free" services at the end of the free trial period.

My bill reflects an extra 45 dollars for the next month. "Customer service" tells me that the extra charge will be credited to my account on the next bill.

I don't believe them. I have not had the same bill twice since I started the service.


These idiots will not let you talk to a live person!!! I received a notice that my bill was past due so,I tried to call them and explain when I would have the money.

No luck I couldn't get past robdick. Now my box is telling me my service may be interrupted every 5 minutes. If they cancel me before payday I'll go else where.The service sucks anyway.Every time I turn on the box I have to wait 10-15 minutes for it to find the satellite.

Some times there's no sound. Don't waste your time or money get cable!


I have had dish for over a year. Today I get an email saying that if I don't sign up for autopay that my account will be bill 10.00 or my HD account would be cancelled.

I asked her why,after a year they were just charging me. She said it was something about an audit. Seems to me this would be fraud. There was nothing in my contract saying I had to sign up for autopay and paperless billing.

When I got Dish I was told that I would have HD for life with no conditions. I asked her to show me in my contract where it said that and she said it was not in my contract it was online only. So I told her to show me where I consented to this. She could not show me.

This is a ripoff to have to have autopay. I pay my bill on time every month.


I have had Dish for 8 months. During this time, I have had to call every month because the bill is never the same, I get the royal run around.

I was told that I could "pause" programming while on holiday for a month.

Don't ever do that...they suspend all promotions, because you stopped the service. I paid $5 for them to charge me an extra $20.


I'm having a hard time with Dish Network, had service for 4 months now, have autopay because I wanted to save some money on HD.

for the last 4 bills they have charged me whatever they want. my bill after all credits and taxes is suppost to be $54.98 for the first 12 months, is that simple right?, well not once has my credit card been charged the $54.98, but instead it has been charged, $66.43, $73.99, $60.48 and now $66.43 again everytime I call I get the same run around yes you are right the credits will be applied later on another date.

4 months later I keep getting charged over the monthly payment, no credits yet.

I learned that is better to chat with customer service because that way you get to keep a copy of the conversation and go to it later as opposed to calling them on the phone and not have a record of what they say nor agreed to, I'm submitting my case to the BBB. After 4 months of the same *** I'm tired.


The reason I did not switch to dish is their auto billing all companies that push auto billing are rip offs . I refuse to deal with companies that push for auto billing .


Ronald Gautney,

We would be more than happy to assist you with billing, feel free to email me directly with your concerns or questions.


about billing


Hi, this is Alicia Brink. I’m with DISH Network.

I apologize about the confusion. We provide detail billing to help our customers understand them easier. I’m glad to see we were able to offer you an additional credit on your account, even though it may not seem like a large discount keep in mind that we are the lowest all digital TV provider.

We offer promotions to customers when they sign up with us, some of these promotions require you to cancel or remove the service or programming that was offered originally at no charge. If these channels or services are not removed you will than be billed the normal monthly rates for them.


Dish network is the lyingest com. in the USa worst then our government they are nothing more then a butch crooks i will never tell any one to use this dish they are not the cheapest around make a deal with your local cable com.hen you sign the contract with dish there is no escape your cable wont do this to you and they will work with you when you need help do not sign that contract or you will be sorry I have been paying now for almost two years an dont even have a box hooked up in my house because a friend of mine used his credit card to get it for me and I became disabled and am not able to keep up with the bill but im still trying I tried to talk to them but they would not help me at all they was going to take money off my friends card so I am still trying to pay think before you sign!!


My dad passed away may 23, 2010. He had dish network and lived alone.

We informed Dish Network about 3 to 4 days afterward that his account be closed due to his passing. They have continued to bill him, even after sending a copy of the death certificate, and the receiver box, including items from the dish itself returned to Dish Network. I have spoken with them about the ever growing monthly bill that they continue to send, seemingly on deaf ears.

The bill is now over 300.00 with no one living there. Now they seem to be claiming that I owe the money to them.


Dish offers a 3 month premium channel free of charge, but they bill one's account then credit one's account to make it,"free." Then if one doesn't call in to cancel the premiums after the 3 month period, their bill is instantly charged. Additionally, Dish only mentions charges for programs with credits applied and avoids telling customers about the real balance in full. Often this catches alot of people off guard especially those who do not receive a hard copy bill.


I make Dish send me a paper bill each month. Dish constantly nags me to go paperless, but I won't buy their arguments. I am paperless on other billers, but I am supporting the Post Office and keeping Dish from being able to slip charges on me.

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