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All I want to do is see what my account balance and I find everything but what I need. I have already paid my bill.

I want to see if my payment made it to dish. How hard can that be. I agree with that lady that says dish has the worst billing system. Every time I think I have found where to look it takes me to more buying options or paying options.

Can't they make easier for people that are just asking for something simple as wanting to see how much of a balance they have. Is that too much to ask?

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Account.

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:zzz WWW.DISHNETWORK.COM, Go to "My Account" then "My Billing". Towards the bottom is a tab that says "Payment History (Last 90 Days)". Click the '+' on the right side of that drop down and you will be able to fulfill your request.

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