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I currently have Dish and have been without a contract for 6 months.

I tried to re-up at the end of my old contract and get the new Hopper but that said I needed to wait 3 months before I could do that and then get something called Dish it up. Now more then 6 months later I contacted Dish and they now tell me it will cost almost $800 for me to upgrade. This is how they treat their existing customers. I said this is unbelievable and they asked why?

I said even my cell phone offered an upgrade with a new contract every two years. This woman and then her manager said well we may have been able to do that but you were late with a payment once... That is total BS I wasn't late my bill was increased after one year and they didn't receive the new amount because it is on autopay. So this is what's going to happen, after they did all the work wiring my house I will now call DirecTV and get them as my new provider.

Dish needs to check themselves and retrain their operators as I'm now going to be the competitions customer. You get nothing these days for being loyal.

I even asked why would I stay with you if it was going to cost an additional $800 for the new equipment and they said so you don't have to hassle having someone come into your home from a new company and be inconvenienced. I told them for the $800 in savings I would be inconvenienced anytime.


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Your post caught my attention and I just wanted to let you know that we would love to have you back with us! Please let me know if you have any questions and check us out at for information about our current pricing and promotions. My email address is and I hope to hear from you!


Please wait and see if Dish can do something for you. I completely understand it is sad that you have leave for another company to comeback to get latest equipment.

They should be like cell phone companies and offer a upgrade to keep your business. I left Dish and they told me I would be back it looks like I might be. Be careful if you decide to go with Direct. I did and right know I am sorry.

I have been putting up with Direct for 18 months now. I guess the only bright side is I might be able to get a Hopper. I have had Dvr for years Dish is where I got my first one and when I came to Direct they acted like there whole home pkg was great.

All I got was a Dvr and

another tv just like I had with Dish for the 4 hrs before. Do what think is best even if you leave Dish to get the latest equipment.


Hey RandiniHB,

I got your email and send you a reply! I appreciate you giving us the chance to look into this situation.

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