I have or was a loyal Dish customer for several years even thru my house fire Dish had issues at first but finally got ahold of someone that wanted to make a difference and make it right which Dish did. Now I am getting screwed and it's affecting my credit negatively. Then hired a Collection company that harassed me violated my Civil Rights and yet still is not making this right.

So here is my story, My husband became very ill and has been ill on and off for the last 4 years, but thru this time I had the service we loved it, then at one point my husband took a turn for the worse and we were paying for a lot of medicines and trips to hospitals and doctors etc. and I got behind a few times but always paid what I could and worked with Dish to get them paid. When all this came down I started a chat with customer service and we set up a Dish Pause agreement. Which would allow us to get caught up with our bill and be able to restore our service when we could. I thought was all good and worked out. Next thing I know Dish closed my account and demanded the equipment back and wanted the final bill paid in full. I called atleast 4 times and talked with them and explained to customer service and supervisors that I have a copy of my chat in black and white that my service was suppose to be put on Dish Pause and charge me the 5 dollar monthly fee for doing so. One of the supervisors asked that I send a copy of the chat and that she would fix the issue. We even talked with Executive resolution team and asked to send in the chat which is our agreement in writing to them which we did and never heard back from them. No one wanted to help, the only things they ever did was credit this and that and till it came down to basically the last months service due. Next thing we are getting collections calls and letters in the mail. They even called my work 6 times, after the first time I asked them not to call me at work but they continued. I explained to them I don't owe this bill Dish network breached our agreement and I only agreed to pay the 5 dollars. And if Dish would correct the mistake I would make the payments up to date as per our written agreement. Which never happened. They continued to call and harass and embarrass me for something that was not my fault. I got so tired of it I wrote a letter to the collection company and copied Dish Network and sent one to them as well. Well the collections has stopped but it was placed on my credit file and they violated my Civil Rights and since they were employed and contracted by Dish Network Dish is responsible for this. A month and half went by and out of the blue we get a call from Jennifer Huynh in written escalations. We explained to her sent her the paperwork again for the fifth time, she looks over and asks us to send proof that my husband was having health issues which we sent 12 pages worth of stuff to verify, I am thinking maybe finally someone is here to help and let us have our beloved Dish service back!!! But was wrong, Her final thing was to zero out the account, Like that was such a big favor for us or something. I said look I was happy to pay what Dish and I had agreed too right now, But I want my service back. This is what I asked for, Get my service back with the same equipment type (the hopper and Joey's and we wanted a Sling adapter) plus the special of the free Ipad since we were told we would have to be setup as a new customer. But you can't do that now you have to re-qualify for the offers and you can't do that for 6-8 weeks for your credit to get fixed from Dish mistakes in the first place. We asked please isn't there something that you can do since all this you have put us through from your mistake and I am still paying for it. Just like I financed a car and since that was on there paying a little higher interest rate, and the violation of my civil rights by the company your hired which is punishable by 1000 dollars per occurrence in which we have documented proof of 3 violations so far.

I like DISH and I am sure there is someone there that can help me out and finally restore my faith in Dish Network.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Account.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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Conroe, Texas, United States #736118

I enjoyed helping you with this situation via email and resolving it correctly and am always happy to further assist you with anything else you have questions about!

to MikeLDISH123 Lawrence, Kansas, United States #736207


Resolved would mean both sides agree to some sort of agreement, Not Dish zero out my balance and make no type of resolution to the customer, Dish has made some serious mistakes and only offering to zero out my account is not what we were looking for. Please contact directly or refer to the letters sent asking what we want to be resolved!

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