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DISH CABLE claims they are the BEST at customer service. That is a huge statement. I have read many many complaints on this site and it makes me laugh at loud.

I called their so called company and told them I was switching. This date was SEPTEMBER 26, 2012.

I never received boxes or a phone call in regards to sending back the equipment. Apparently, they decided to send boxes to an address I had over three years ago. I never had DISH CABLE THEN.

So as a result they plucked out over FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS from my checking account. I AM now overdrawn and cannot pay any of my household bills for example light and water. I AM STILL trying to get my money back. I called and called to straighten this whole thing out. I repeatedely told each and every person on the other end what was happening. NO ONE cares at DISH.

I have two children. I work TWO jobs and work seven days a week. I am educated and pretty smart most of the time. DISH CABLE sure pulled a fast one on me and now I am a victim of negligence. Maybe I will win the powerball lottery before I get a response OR the same answer from the very well trained staff at DISH OR simply my hard earned money back. Oh and they have all the equipment thanks to UPS. HAPPY HOLIDAYS

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It would be my pleasure to help you with that as I found it interesting! If you could email me your account number, I can take a look and review any contractual information and get it all straightened out for you. My email address is michael.lemar@dish.com and I'll look forward to hearing from you to assist you further with this!

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