Just got off the phone with DISH after seeing a $55 UFC fight charge from a few weeks ago. DISH was adament that someone in my household (me, my 4 year-old daughter, my wife, or my 8 year-old, must have ordered it).

I hate UFC and so does my wife. So, not us. I've got a code on my remote that my kids don't know (and they also don't even know what UFC is). No one else has access to my home.

Anyway, they refused to believe me or remove the charge. (I even played my "I am a lawyer" card - which is true).

I'll be switching providers soon, despite my early termination fee. Bummer!

Monetary Loss: $55.

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Were you ever considering our service? We'd love to have you with us and encourage you to check us out at dish.com for information on what we have to offer! If you have any questions, please let me know.


I had a very similar situation last night with Directv. Before I went to bed, I opened my email to see Directv telling me they did a phone transaction with us for $59.95 that afternoon.

I immediately went online to see that the charge was for the UFC fight that night. After calling Directv and telling them to shut it off now, no one in this house watches nor cares about UFC, she told me it was too late as it started at ten o'clock. Why did they wait until 11:30 to send the email? We were watching a movie at ten.

She said the call was done at 1:59 that afternoon from our home telephone. I absolutely know that no one made that call from here. My family was in the living room together watching the Law and Order SVU marathon together. This is not me not knowing my kids are playing with buttons as the other poster said.

The only house phone is in the same room where we were all together watching tv. This is fraud by Directv and if they don't resolve this, they will lose a 14 year customer. I have never called for anything like this to complain and I refuse to pay this charge. I called them and I emailed them.

They can look at what we were watching at ten.

We didn't watch UFC at all. I will be reporting to Better Business Bureau also.


Although you don't believe you didn't order it, you did. Those just don't appear for no reason.

Maybe your kids were pushing buttons and got lucky. The bottom line is that the charge wouldn't have appeared on your bill unless someone ordered it from your remote.

Conroe, Texas, United States #755997


I've gone over your situation and could you please email me your account number at michael.lemar@dish.com so I can review your information for any and all options? Thanks.

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