DISH was/is charging me an inaccurate charge. I have been dealing with their different 'levels' they have set up for this, including Christina Atencio (what a laugh!) and finally twice writing to David Clayton, CEO. The matter is being "looked into" (again more laughs).

When this all started, I called Cap One and froze their account that I had previously authorized DISH to use for regular monthly billings. After 2+ months and several tries by DISH to still put through an incorrect amount (a $ number that has changed several times), Cap One advised me to just change the card number - cancel the first account and open a new one. Cap One said that would keep DISH from being able to bill me, BUT would allow me access to use the card again.

SURPRISE SURPRISE...approximately 2 weeks after opening this new number I received an email from DISH thanking me for the payment. I called CAP ONE and was told by them: yes, a DISH payment had gone through, and, "they" didn't give the number to DISH, but a "middle management" company had. This was not a number DISH went back through files and found---this was a brand new account number that I had not used for anything.

During the 50 minute call that ensued, CAP ONE also got DISH on the line for a conference call, DISH saying the amount was proper and me saying not so. I informed CAP ONE (with DISH still on the line) that if they actually paid DISH then it is out of their pocket as I will NOT be paying them. I had to make several calls to get someone with "ability" to cancel my Cap One account altogether...again telling them if they release the funds to DISH, a company that they illegally gave my new account number to, then they will be out the money themselves.

I am done with both companies, as far as bringing any business to them.

BUT I am just getting started in my complaints filed against them.

The FTC = 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC 20003

complaint form = https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/#&panel1-1

Colorado's Attorney General (DISH's home state) = John W. Suthers

complaint form = https://www.coloradoattorneygeneral.gov/complaint

Capital One's CEO = Richard D. Fairbank

1680 Capital One Drive McLean, VA 22102-3491. Phone: (703) 720-2500

Virginia's Attorney General = Kenneth Cuccinelli II

complaint form = http://www.ag.virginia.gov/consumercomplaintform/consumerComplaintForm.aspx

Shall I go on???

Monetary Loss: $118.

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our dish bill says you can pay at www.care.com

to Anonymous #894859


While we don't have a website of that URL, we do have an email department at feedback@customermail.dishnetwork.com. If you have questions about your bill, you can either contact them, go online to mydish.com and log into your profile to view it, or email me your account number and four-digit PIN at Michael.lemar@dish.com so I can take a look with you.

Conroe, Texas, United States #744760


I'm sorry to hear about this situation and would be more than happy to help you if you could please email me your account number at michael.lemar@dish.com so I can take a look at your billing!


What was the charge for and why was it improper?

to Satellite fan #744586

My "FINAL Bill" from them showed they owed me money...small amount-less than $20. I wasn't holding my breath to receive it. Then 2-1/2 months later they called and said they wanted $180. I asked for what and a 15 minute call ensued. Person kept saying "I don't have that information" when I asked for bills from those 2 missing months...2-1/2 months after I had them disc. Then a paper bill for month #3 showed up with a new balance ($118+) AND an $8+ charge for local taxes. Huh? I hadn't had their service for 3 months, they have given me a 3rd "amount due" balance, and they are adding tax to this bill but still not providing those 2 missing months bills that might show what is what. Their stances range from we'll send them to your email, we'll send then to your address, and we don't have those but we do have this last bill. My stance is as it has been...show me the bills and why the amounts have changed from you owe me to I owe you varying amounts.

While they were sending me emails re: my complaints, I was receiving other emails from dishnetwork@dishnetworkmail.com re:your bill is now available and your Dish payment has failed(they were still not providing the bills in question AND kept billing the account they knew was frozen to keep them from this improper payment)AND emails to and from the Resolution Team where I received info stating the same as over the phone...still no receipt of those missing bills or how they are coming up with amounts but, hey, pay us anyway. I wrote to Joseph Clayton with copies of all of this and was passed off to Christina Atencio (who you can Google for echostar and Dish info, and is a waste of time for "resolution").

It was during this last part that Cap One illegally gave out my credit card info and evidently paid DISH. They have been advised they are on the hook for it if they release the amount. They have also been advised of the steps I am taking due to their illegal actions.

While I do not know the connection between Cap One and Dish (echostar, etc), I DO know that what they did was illegal and will result in proper actions against them by the proper authorities I listed in my initial posting here.


Yep...me, too.

I had been a customer of DISH for years and in more than one state as I moved around.

Everything is fine and dandy until you disc them and have them on autopay.

Big mistake! HUGE!!!

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