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Provide as much information as possible (at least 100 words).DISH made a mistake by charging another customer's credit card to pay my account. I did not notice - I was in the middle of a move, have two kids, work two jobs, etc.

The customer (of course) disputed the charge and DISH immediately shut off my service. I called - having no idea what had happened and they treated me like I was the dead beat criminal (even though it was their mistake) and I paid the charge immediately. Apparently they somehow credited the card again and the customer then disputed the charge again and I my service was AGAIN shut off and I was treated like a dead-beat criminal AGAIN. They will not even take my credit card over the phone - I had to pay in cash or by check.

Even though this was their mistake. I spent hours on the phone working this mess out and it was all their fault.

They never said they were sorry for the inconvenience or acknowledged that this was their mistake to begin with. I hate DISH now.

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It sounds like the wrong credit/debit card information must be on file for you autopay on your account if this has been a recurring incident. Please email me your account number at michael.lemar@dish.com so I can take a look and get this straightened out. Thanks!

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