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Change from DirectTv and save money -HA HA. We had 2 working TV's with directTV for years. When Dish was proposed we were not told about 2year contract, they came to install, it took hours. When tech said he was done only 1 TV worked could not get 2nd to work. He said it was TV problem needed equipment from Radio Shack to make work. Bought equip still didn't work. He came back again still didn't work. Called to cancel got run around and then was told that install paperwork was a 2 year contract. Still fighting with them because they have yet to make both TV's work and they want $400 to cancel. Do not go with Dish.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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My name is Ray Calo From DISH Network. I apologize about the poor experience that you had, and I was wondering if you are still having problems with your TV 2.

If you can give a little more information about the set-up with this TV I'll be more than happy to assist you.

Does it have a VCR or is it an older TV? Thank You

San Marcos, California, United States #198387

i feel your pain, dishcontent. i used to have dish in my last house.

it took them 3 visits to get it right --- which means 3 days of MY time to be there for them -- and i am a small business owner! the ONLY upside was that the guys were super nice...nicer than the morons from directv (whom i've had previously). when i moved, they kept sending me notices for $16+ for the return UPS fee, which they had originally told me was part of the automatic deduction they were going to take from my checking account for the early termination. everyone you talk to on the phone has a different story of how terms and conditions work.

the founder now stars in his own tv commercials...i find myself saying uncomplimentary things to the tv when they come on (very unlike me). bottom line, i won't use them again.

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