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Been given this email address, I\'ll try it. thanks

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Looking for a way to contact the main man/women at Dish. Email please. thanks

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Been with Dish for years. Have had good service and get discounts on new equipment, etc. as long as I play the I'll just go to Direct instead. But this time my VIP922 has gone out and has to be replaced. Was told all they could do (Friday, March 30th) was ship a new one to ARRIVE on Monday, April 2nd). When I said that was not going to work they were going to wave the fees to have a local installer bring one out, but could only give me Sunday from 12-5. Told them I'd just wait till Monday. They did give me Encore for 3 months and $10 off for 6 months.

When I got the shipping information it said to arrive Tuesday then changed to Wednesday then back to Tuesday. It's now Tueday at 3:00 pm and no reciever yet. The information from the first call is documented as I did it via online Chat. When I chatted back about the delivery date they said they could do anything. I ask for a supervisor and of course you have to call them to talk to a supervisor, this way there is no documentation of what they say. Supervisor was no help, said they don't make the VIP922 anymore so the local installers wouldn't have one anyway. He responded he had no options to make me happy. From a customer's point of view he was very rude.

My question is: how do I contact Dish corp in that they will not respond to my emails to the only feedback email address I have?

Monetary Loss: $500.

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DirecTV (NYSE:DTV) is expecting to face rapidly increasing programming costs, in large measure because the company has had to fork over ever-increasing amounts of cash to keep exclusive National Football League content for its NFL Sunday Ticket package.

Not surprisingly, DirecTV has said that customer growth should slow as a result of higher costs, and management recently signaled a shift in focus toward “customer retention” rather than heavy promotions to draw in new subscribers. Equipment subsidies and marketing costs now top $800 for each customer acquired, and it takes about 18 months for DirecTV to get that money back.

In addition, more content is available online, so more and more people are leaving Dishnet work and Directtv and are turning to the Internet for programming and Netflixs for there movies. That hurts Dish and DTV more than competing cable companies that offer high-speed Internet access along with phone and television service.


I've had dish over 10 years and have been more than happy with them till now. I was without service for 5+ days, lost over 20 hours of recorded problems, missed 12 shows that I record on a routine bases, and had to cancel my NCAA Basketball finals get together at my house. I can understand a couple days being down, but I was told 3 times the new replacement unit would be here Monday. When I got the tracking email, UPS says Tuesday. It did finally arrive at 7 p.m Tuesday.

They did make me some great offers to resolve the issue, but I refused to pay them $95 for an installer to come out and install the upgrade. Oh and did I mention the rude supervisor on the line?

Just keep your word. The stories changed about the availability on the VIP922 with each person I talked to. Bottom line, don't make promises you can't keep.


Just to be clear, you are mad they are treating you like every other customer and are offering a fair service? You want a tech out right away and overnight everything, they will raise the prices and stop offering incentives..

like staz movie channels freee for a year and credits off bill. I personally love dish and think what I'm getting is worth what I'm paying.


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