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Dish charges $95 to send a technician to fix their own equipment. Customer Service reps are curt and rude.

I called Dish to report a signal loss problem with my satellite. After asking a few diagnostic questions, the representative informed me that they would need to send a technician to address the issue. I told him that would be fine, and then he said that Dish would be charging me $95 for the technician visit. I politely told him that I was not ok with that since it is their equipment that is malfunctioning at no fault of my own. He explained that I could instead subscribe to a protection plan for a monthly charge of $7, but made it clear that my only two options were the $95 charge or the monthly service charge. After discussing my dissatisfaction with either option for a couple of minutes, I asked to speak to a supervisor.

I wish I would have asked for the supervisor's name and a reference number for the call, because he was flat out rude. When he got on the line, I calmly and politely described the issue and my unhappiness with the proposed resolution. He immediately got on the defensive and again explained (in a rather curt manner) that I had only the two options mentioned above. He attempted to make a ridiculous distinction between the equipment that was the property of Dish and the "installation" which was my responsibility. He said that since they couldn't confirm that the problem was with Dish equipment, then the problem had to be with my installation and therefore I was responsible for the cost. As I tried to ask him questions to understand why I would be charged for the service, he interrupted me several times. I expressed my disapproval about being interrupted to him and he neither apologized nor ceased doing so. I was very polite throughout the conversation and never used offensive language or raised my voice (though I'm sure my tone reflected my frustration), yet he was curt, rude, and altogether unpleasant throughout. It was clear that he had no intention of actually providing good customer service, and that he merely wanted to get me off the phone as quickly as possible regardless of the result. At least twice he attempted to end the conversation when I was not through trying to understand the issue. In the end he basically said "Do you want us to send the technicians or not?" When I said I'd have to think about it, he quickly responded, "Thank you for calling Dish," and hung up. I have never been treated so badly by a customer service representative in my life.

It's also worth mentioning that after this thoroughly aggravating conversation, I googled the issue, and (among several other complaints about Dish's practice of charging $95 for a repair and their terrible customer service) I was able to find enough information to fix the problem myself by manually adjusting the dish. The whole process, apparently worth $95, took less than 20 minutes for somebody who had no idea what they were doing.

Also, before the call I opted in for a survey regarding the service I received, but never got the call to complete the survey. Shocking...

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Very rude and offensive technician that came to my house

Mark H DISH Network

Hello rdfiasco, I am sorry to hear about your experience with the phone agent and supervisor. I will be happy to forward your feedback concerning your call and how this was handled. You can email your account information for assistance.

There is a charge for a tech visit as DISH does not build this cost in the programming charges. The Protection Plan is provided as an option to help lower this fee. By having this in place it allows DISH to keep programming prices lower.

I am glad to hear that your service is now working correctly.

Thank You

Mark Haakenson

Social Media Representative


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