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I have often wondered why people take to random acts of terror and cruelty; not including the mentally sick.

These area NORMAL people,going about their daily lives etc etc.

These are people who reach out for HELP, but people are so caught up in their own world, so stuck in their agenda, they don't want to even think of helping another person with whatever their issue. Once in a blue moon a Good Samaritan may step up. But the chances of that happening is slim.

And then the worst thing happens. Someone gets shot.

Then, everyone runs to investigate the person who is the killer.

But nobody looks at the victim. What did the victim do to provoke the killer. Ad must important lesson for everyone;how can we stop this? People, stop,pay attention, be kind, be compassionate, there is ALWAYS a way to get out of a sticky situation.

Monetary Loss: $210.

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