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I moved in February 2013 and called about an offer that Dish Network had advertised. TV service for $29.99.

I agreed, and made the biggest mistake as a consumer that I have ever made. Immediately, upon conformation of installation, my monthly bill had went up! The offer was now $29.99, plus a $10 fee for my receiver. I tried to explain to customer service rep, that I did not sign up for $29.99, plus $10.

Too late now! Nobody knew of such and offer and had never heard of the customer service rep that I had signed up with. My bill has averaged $75 every month, with every month leading to a phone call to Dish to have the bogus charges removed. Every month I paid my bill on time, every month I received a call from Dish, telling me I was behind on my bill.

Current customers previously had my new phone number and didn't pay their bill. Dish refused to stop calling me.

When I finally had enough, I called Dish to cancel, and they notified me that they would draft $300 from my checking account if I cancelled. Dish has terrible customer service, and only wants as much money as they can get from you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Receiver.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Upon ordering you should have been given the base fee, explained to that you have to lease the box, can buy insurance in case the kids ruin the remote, so you are not out for that too. Then given a confirmation number.

They should have told you about the fee's and such at that time so you could decide to order or not. There is fine print at the bottom of the internet, and everyone needs to read it carefully. Be careful about responding to this other commentor, as I got a reply on my complaint as well, asking for my account information and to send to his email address. I am leary of people with this company, or maybe not being with this company.

If they are not it could be someone trying to get your bank info. Sorry MikeL.

if I saw you were in Littleton CO. I might be a bit more comfortable about revealing info to you.


Regardless of the company; any rates you see on commericals, online etc are the base rates+equip+taxes+fees etc. It would have said it on the advertisement you viewed.

I understand your dilemma when you were specifically told 29.99 would be your total bill and it clearly wasn't. I refuse to go to any company that requires a contract. My theory is that they aren't confident enough in their service so they force you to keep it for 2 years.

Yet, another reason why I have been with Charter for alomost 20 years. I think it is a tiny bit more expesnive, but I prefer to do that instead of being stuck in a contract.

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I can understand your frustration from that and would love to review your information if you could please email me your account number at! I can take a look at the $10 difference you've mentioned and get this sorted out. Thanks!

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