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Why in the world would a company want to aggravate their loyal customers. Seems like to me, they don't know much about management, or they would take care of loyal customers, if they want to keep them, you have to keep the customer happy or else, your competion steps in.

I pay dearly for the 250 channels, just to get the Fox Midwest coverage on hockey, and now, I am being robbed of seeing them Direct TV and Charter are still televising all the hockey games. Now you raise my bill $10.52 Feb. 1st. For what.

I am so discusted with your company, real shame I have a contract that expires Sept. 14, 2010. I already checked into that. When Att-U-verse comes into this area, you people are going to be hurting and begging for customers.

Trust me.

Hope to hear from you Don't tell me that these games are being blacked out, the Blues have sold out every game this year. helenchaput@yahoo.com.

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Dish network sucks..I would get out of your contract because they are not delivering what they promised when you signed up...Let's Go Blues

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