I shopped for cable service in February 2013, and a salesman from DISH called me and quoted my a price, but he never mentioned it was a TWO YEAR CONTRACT. I asked how much is the termination fee, he said "it is merely $20."

When the mechanic came in, he asked me to sign something and said this is for "I didn't break anything in your apartment." I nicely signed it, and after I signed it, he told me the service is a 2 year contract. I and my boyfriend called their customer service immediately, at at time they told me it is a 2 year contract, and the termination fee is $20 for the rest of the term, which could be more than $400. I immediately explained the salesman and mechanism's misrepresentation, and they told me they will try to solve it.

Meanwhile, from Feb. to now, I have been expecting their boxes so I can ship the equipments back, but never received that.

The same night, I called the customer service again, and the representative terminated the contract without ask my permission, and also said I will be charged for $99 activation fee. I dispute this penalty because I think the document I signed was invalid because of a misrepresentation and a lie, I never wanted the account, therefore I should not be charged with the activation fee. I called them several times, online chat with them, and set multiple emails through their web side, and here is the result: for the calls, I never get any meaningful reply. For the online chat, they told me they will note this account as "unauthorized charges." For emails, no response.

At the sometime, I called my bank (major bank in US) and explained this situation to them. Their fraud investigation team determined it is a fraud, and declined DISH's charge on my card. The charge include $99 activation fee, and amount $45 for services fee (As I stated above, I never had a minute of service, I refuse the contract as soon as I know the term, and made multiple calls to let them know that I refuse the service.)

While the amount is still in dispute, DISH send that amount to debt collection company. I have to pay the whatever amount in full, including the whole amount that my bank think it is a fraud, because their action is threaten my credit report.

So this is my experience, I never had a minute of service, and was fraud into a contract that I thought "the mechanic didn't break anything", and spent a long time frustrated talking with their customer service, online chatting, writing emails trying to work with them. This is a duress.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Account.

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Aurora, Colorado, United States #663712

Hi there! I had a chance to go over your post and would be happy to help you!

Why did you wish to cancel your service with us? What issues or concerns were you having?

Please email me, if you could, your account number or phone number at michael.lemar@dish.com so that I can review your information and further assist you. Thanks!


Regarding contracts, this company is held to the standard of “Clear and Conspicuous” disclosure. If “full disclosure” of facts significant to the agreement are unclear the contract could and should be set aside. Send a complaint to the Better Business Bureau of Colorado where this company is headquartered, this will put this complaint “on the record” especially if they are threatening “collections”. In addition, Missouri’s Attorney General signed on to a settlement agreement with this company in 2009 because of consumer complaints such as this and should be notified.

Here is one section from the 2009 settlement about contracts:

Assurance of Voluntary Compliance SECTION 4.9 “DISH Network shall Clearly and Conspicuously disclose to Consumers at the point of sale or lease prior to scheduling activation or installation of DISH Network Goods and/or DISH Network Services all material terms and conditions of the offer”.

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