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I ordered "Argo" on pay-per-view Saturday evening (3-2-13) at approximately 9 or 10 p.m., expecting that it would be available to me for 24 hours or "all day" as the advertising indicates. I had no warning or idea that "all day" meant from 5 a.m.

Saturday morning 3-2-13 until 5 a.m. Sunday morning 3-3-13 and that I was purchasing less than 8 hours to see this movie. When it wasn't available to me on Sunday morning when I wanted to watch it, I called for Customer Service and was crudely informed by a DISH rep that I had misinterpreted what "all day" meant and that I should have watched the movie when I ordered it or at least I should have watched it before 5 a.m. She told me what I "should have done" at least 4 times, until I insisted on speaking with a supervisor; then she told me at least twice how speaking to a supervisor wasn't going to make a difference before I was turned over to an even more flippant and arrogant piece of work by the name of "Tabitha" who apparently had already made up her mind the answer was going to be "NO" when I requested my movie selection be restored, if only for one showing.

This matter aside, I have had a few occasions to speak with DISH reps and I can honestly say that except for MAYBE one occasion, I have been left fuming and angry. They can't do this unless you pay that and they can't do that unless you pay this, and right or wrong, the bottom line is the buck always stops on the company's side of things. I really dislike DISH's customer service approach and their service reps have a strong tendency toward smug, cavalier and rude. I'll never order another pay-per-view movie from DISH just on general principle.

And I'm really considering changing to another carrier, as I have friends who say they've never had a problem with Direct TV's customer service reps talking smack to them. DISH should take notes.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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DanB@Dish Network
Aurora, Colorado, United States #625467

I'm sorry to hear that we may be losing your business over this. To be honest I'm surprised that the representatives you spoke with didn't accomodate you.

I will be happy to work with you on this as well as forward your feedback regardign the representatives you spoke with. Please send me an e-mail at:

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