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Multiple times this week Dish high-speed internet is working like dial-up and good luck with chat service, they give you Internet service that subcontracts to Hughesnet to provide service. They will not even connect you to the internet service staff.

Im tired of paying good money for multiple dial-up speeds. What gives? They claim they have the highest speed internet when multiple times during the week the speed turns to dial up.

Why do the make those claims and don't back up what they supposedly service or subcontract out. Has anybody else experienced dial up service on a warm sunny day?

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Internet Service.

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As always, screwed by dish. I wish I would have thought of the internet pay for speed scam.

I am used to having high speed forever instead of in bits and pieces.

Dish, what comes around goes around- pay for speed that's ***. :( :(

Englewood, Colorado, United States #791382

I was told that my internet speed will be best at the beginning of the cycle (30 day cycle), when all my data is available. As I use data, the speed begins to bog down until I use it all up - then I get what reminds me of the old 54K dial up speed.

S. L. O. W.

I hate this. I come from cable where speed is forever. Out in the country where no cable is available, we get Dish or Direct TV. Don't stream music.

Don't download movies from Dish. Your usage suffers, as well as my patience. I cannot wait to move away from Dish-ville back to cable-land. Dish sucks but I'm stuck and I hate being stuck.

I could pay an early termination fee and just use my phone I guess. ***, ***, ***.

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