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the new dish hopper will not skip and ads we love dish but we have the new dish hopper we hate hopper we really hate the hopper spam is better then the dish hopper really i live in OH and dish hopper is the worst thing i ever got its so bad nbc sued dish for the hopper really i hate the hopper the hopper is trash its so bad i wish i had a ps3 i hate the hopper i really hate the hopper i love my dvds but i hate this i love my ps2 but this is bad

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Lewiston, Idaho, United States #1218156

Our schools are failing.


Learn to write

Monument, Colorado, United States #702269

You really sound like like a ***. Read you manual if you can.

The hopper works very well but you need some common skills to operate it. Good luck with your ps3.

to Anonymous #821634

Speaking of ***...

The Hopper sucks, maybe you should try working for a different company?

I'll match my education, professional skills and common skills with anyone else.

The Hopper still sucks, manual or no manual.


What? Nbc is not suing dish because of the hopper, nbc is suing dish because of 'autohop' which skips commercials on local shows during primetime...

they are upset because to many people enjoy not watching commercials which pays nbc bills.

I guess you hate tivo also... they also got sued for the same thing...

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