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Had the system about 3 months, features looked great, but they do not work reliably. I have DISH on speed dial and it' our most used number. Had at least 10 service calls and 3 times that for phone contact.

Main problem is the Hopper, which runs everything,either stops and has to be rebooted or just reboots itself. This interrupts viewing and recording. Today I had to reboot 4 times before 5:30.

I was told it was a software problem and they are "working on it", that was FIVE WEEKS AGO.

During service calls the Joeys were replaced once and the Hopper 3 times. The problem still exists .

They brag about "World Class Service", I wonder what part of the world they are talking about. I asked at about midnight once when the piece of junk cut out and the "service tech" said she was in the Philippines!

They seem to be unable to get their act together and their customers are Beta testers. I don't believe they even care if it works.

It would be a great system if it worked, but it still doesn't.

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I hate this Dish Hopper/Joey ***! Every time I turn around, it is doing something retarded to me like switch the channel I am watching or gong to some programming screen while I am in the middle of watching some show or another. I wish to God that I could get the old Dish system back and trash this POS Hopper/Joey ***!


I'm a current Dish Customer an,

This situation sounded very interesting and I'd like to provide you with some assistance! I apologize that you haven't been enjoying the cool feaures of the new Hopper system due to some technical concerns along the way.

Could you please email me your account number so I can optimally help you? My email address is and I'll enjoy the opportunity to get this straightened out so you can start to enjoy your experience!


M. Genius,

Your post caught my attention as I found it interesting!

Allow me help you with that as I'm sorry you've experienced some issues with the system.

If you could please email me your account number, I'd be happy to look over it and see what I can do to get these issues corrected and resolved. My email address is and I'll look forward to speaking with you further about this!

DanB@Dish Network

Jpiter, I would like to apologize for the frustration this has caused you. I understand that when we first released the Hopper, there were a few unanticipated bugs that we didn't find during beta testing.

This type of issue will arise with new products from time to time. This is because when Beta testing you are testing a smaller range of receivers, where when the product is introduced we are going from using a few thousand to serving a few hundred thousand units.

To date pretty much all of the bugs have been resolved. If you are still having issues please send me an email


My bill is almost the highest possible, as we take all channels except Stars. I upgraded to The Hopper, six months ago.

It's like going from Mac OS 7 or Windows 8 to DOS. It's awful, in so many ways, I don't know where to begin. It's so tedious that I've been missing most of what I normally watch. Among the worst is it's automatic recording of prime time on 4 networks.

This means while it's deciding what you watch there is little control left to watch what you want. We turned this off only to have it turn it's self back on a month later. Changing the channel in the den can change the channel upstairs and vice versa. I called them and told them I want my old equipment back, and was told that would cost me over $100.

I was furious, and waited to see if i could get a better price from someone else. I finally did get a great offer from Direct TV and called Dish to tell to pick up the Hopper.

In a 45 minute phone chat, leading to a supervisor, I got everything i wanted within $5 a month for 12 months and a waiver of the 24 month contract of penalty for cancellation. I also got them to take $70 off my bill because the customer service hung up on me in the course of it.

Don't get The Hopper, it sucks!


Everything in the above message is true. Have had the same experience.

Have two Hoppers and have problems with both. Don't expect to turn on your tv and start watching. Allow at least 10 to 20 minutes because the Hopper has to reset or you have to reset it so the Joey will work. TV goes off in middle of program and you will miss 10 minutes of what you are watching waiting for the set to come on again, and this is after you set the control to never turn itself off.

More sensitive to rain. No program during rain.

No, I want my other system back. This is not a better option.

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