Dish came out and installed the satellite to a brand new house and unknown to us, they cut 5 cable lines and left the cable splitter with the connectors under the house on the ground. They did not even have the sense to unscrew the connectors.

Called Dish and they said that was their standard practice to cut the wires and too bad. They cut about 2 feet off of the existing wire so now the wire is too short. What a joke!!

I guess they cut the cables so you can't go back to cable.


Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Installation.

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DanB@Dish Network
Aurora, Colorado, United States #625407

I'm sorry for the frustration this has caused you. I can imagine how upset I would be if this happened to me. Cutting cables for other products and services inside our customer's home is not a standard practice. Nor is it a practice that we accept. I will be more than happy to address this with you. Please e-mail me at: Daniel.Busa@DISH.com

Daniel Busa


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to DanB@Dish Network #1021546

dish sucks. They did the same thing to me.

They have no right to destroy my property. All they would of had to do was unscrew the connection.

What a horrible company!!! I will tell every person I meet to stay away from them!!!!

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