I'm speaking from a personal experience - a bad one. Unless you live in a very remote area, where you do not have any type of Internet service provider at all - only then might you consider contracting with DISH to receive their Internet service. And, even then you should consider that if you have only Dial-up service, it could very well be as good or better than DISH Internet.

To be point blank; DISH misrepresents their Internet service in order to sell you a bundle which includes their TV and Internet service. They lie to get you to sign their two-year contract with the bundled services.

After you have been conned, only then do you find out how incredibly bad their Internet service is, and how you have been taken advantage of.

During the "sales pitch" on the telephone they DO NOT tell you:

1) ...A separate dish antenna is required besides the one that brings your TV signal into your residence. (That's right, TWO dish antennas, not just one)

2) ...That 10Gb of the 20Gb of monthly usage is really all you can use during your normal waking hours. The other 10Gb of the 20 they sell you must be used between the hours of 2AM and 8AM; a time period that is useless to most all of us that sleep during the night. So, really, you only get 10Gb of usage per month. If you are not really careful you can use 10Gb up in 10 or 15 days, quite easily. Just watch a few YouTube videos and some normal surfing.

3) ...That once your 10Gb of usage is gone your Internet service "speed" will be throttled back to something less than dial-up download speeds. Imagine trying to work on your computer today, and you are limited to the download speeds we used to get with our dial-up modems... 300 baud, or perhaps 600 baud, or if you are lucky maybe clear up to 1200 baud. Basically once they throttle you back, your access to the Internet will be so frustratingly SLOW, that you simply shut off your computer in disgust and try to finish your access using your Smartphone. Or, maybe you can go to the Library, or a friends house.

4) ...That ordinary thundershowers and snowstorms will interrupt your Internet service sometimes for more than an hour.

5) ...The the download speed they tell you will be provided, is seldom if ever the actual download speed you will actually experience. Plus, the download speed varies constantly; but is usually ALWAYS less than what you were promised.

In summary then... if you live in an area where there is even ONE OTHER Internet provider - don't even consider going to DISH as your Internet provider, because the other provider (no matter what it is) will no doubt be better.

However, if you live in the middle of "no where", and your nearest Internet provider is 2 days away by horseback - only then might you want to consider having DISH provide you with "what they call an Internet Service".

Even then it might not be worth the hassle if you ever have to call their customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Bundle.

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