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We started our service (24 month contract) in November 2010. We added a box in August 2011.

At this time, it was a subcontractor (plain, crappy van/not part of Dish Network). They left accidental cable holes in our walls and also stole my husband's new wrench set.. both of which we never returned or fixed. We only had that second box for a month or two.

I don't even remember signing a new 24 month contract when we added it. In September 2012 we were late on a payment. I called to see how much we needed to pay to keep our service going and how many payments we had left. I paid August and September to keep our service going.

I was told I would have one payment left and then our contract would be up. I verified this with the male on the phone over 10 times to be certain. He confirmed repeatedly our contract would be up November 2012. We returned our equipment last week and yesterday we got an email saying we would be charged an early termination fee of $90.00 (Merry Christmas Dish!

-_-). I am NOT okay with this because our contract is over. I spoke to 4 different people when calling them today.. each person telling me something different.

They have NO idea what they're talking about, never put correct, if any, notes in the system, and are incompetent.

I finally spoke to an English speaking male high up on the totem pole, he gave me his number, and is going to look into the details and hopefully he can return the fee. Wish me luck...

Monetary Loss: $90.

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