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Brings great sadness and LOTS of frustration to find a company with no concern for Quality Service. It is now Day 9 without Dish service.

I realize I'm just one UNIMPORTANT customer to this large company. The problem arose due to an improperly installed Dish device to our house by a DISH TECHNICIAN.

We have been WITHOUT ANY SERVICE for 9 days now and after NUMEROUS calls requesting a tech to come out and repair the device, and being fed a line of bull, empty promises, unreturned phonecalls, and memorized answers, we are told NO Tech is available until July 26th. THANK YOU DISH FOR YOUR DISINTEREST in handling this in an HONORABLE Manner ESPECIALLY since the problem was due to an IMPROPERLY INSTALLED DEVICE by YOUR TECHNICIAN.

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DanB@Dish Network

I'm sorry to hear that we were unable to repair your service in a more timely fashion. Unfortunately, from time to time we do get over booked.

When this occurs we can usually compensate you for the time you haven't had service as well as nootify you of any openings.

I do hope that the issues have been resolved. If you have any further questions or concerns please send me an email at:

to DanB@Dish Network #1109667

The fact that it took a representative FOUR MONTHS to respond to this complaint is very telling. Consumer Relations receives email notifications whenever negative reviews are posted to online forums.

There is no excuse for any delay in responding to customer dissatisfaction. I was considering switching to Dish. However, a quick search provided TENS OF THOUSANDS of consumer complaints exactly like this one. Nearly 5,000 complaints to Consumer Affairs for improper installation resulting in subpar and/or complete lack of service within the last 12 months, alone.

Have you no code of ethics? I will be staying FAR away from this company.

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