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I'm tired of being told one thing, and when it come to producing. Dish is always back tracking. They tricked me into staying with them, now they can't produce on their promises. My story is to long to post on here, but trust me. RUN FROM DISH. Please see below for a quick reference.

Ty (@ty4uga)12/27/12, 10:01 AMHelloDISH Answers (@dish_answers)12/24/12, 11:24 PMAnytime, you have a happy holiday as well!Ty (@ty4uga)12/24/12, 9:52 PMOk, Thank you for your time and effort. Happy Holidays!DISH Answers (@dish_answers)12/24/12, 9:50 PMYes that has been noted. ~Alicia BTy (@ty4uga)12/24/12, 8:56 PMIt's fine. I just want to make sure it's notated where they offered me the hopper system for $50.DISH Answers (@dish_answers)12/24/12, 8:53 PMI do not show anything from us, we'll have 2 contact the installer 2 see if they planned on coming back out. Their closed until Wed. ~AliciaTy (@ty4uga)12/24/12, 8:09 PMIt came down from corporate.Ty (@ty4uga)12/24/12, 8:08 PMI'm not sure. It was setup through whoever you guys sent out Saturday to move my dish.DISH Answers (@dish_answers)12/24/12, 8:07 PMus directly or a retailer. Techs can not set up installs especially with out a work order. ~AliciaDISH Answers (@dish_answers)12/24/12, 8:07 PMThe tech? Did you call a retailer to set up an install? In order to do an upgrade you would have to either go throughTy (@ty4uga)12/24/12, 6:04 PMI'm not sure if they set something up behind the scene. I told the tech December 27 between 8am - 12pmDISH Answers (@dish_answers)12/24/12, 5:56 PMto come out. I would be happy to set this up for you if you would like. Is there a number we can call to get this taken care of? ~AliciaDISH Answers (@dish_answers)12/24/12, 5:56 PMHi there, I apologize abou the time it has taken to get back to you. I do not currently see a tech scheduledTy (@ty4uga)12/24/12, 7:33 AMHello, I never received an answer to my question.Ty (@ty4uga)12/23/12, 10:30 PMIf I received service like I received from *TF, Dish wouldn't have any problems with customer service.Ty (@ty4uga)12/23/12, 10:28 PMHello Alicia, I want to commend *TF on a job well done yesterday. I think I have an appointment for Dec 27th. Are you able to check?DISH Answers (@dish_answers)12/23/12, 10:25 PMHi there! my name is Alicia, I am a supervisor here at DISH. I was given your information requesting that I follow up with you. ~Alicia B.DISH Answers (@dish_answers)12/22/12, 11:43 AMAnytime! You too! *TFTy (@ty4uga)12/22/12, 11:40 AMThank you! Happy HolidaysDISH Answers (@dish_answers)12/22/12, 11:19 AMYou're welcome. My Supervisor's name is Alicia. She will be in tomorrow afternoon. I will have her follow up with you! *TFTy (@ty4uga)12/22/12, 11:10 AMWriting a letter.Ty (@ty4uga)12/22/12, 11:09 AMOk. I'll wait for a call. Thanks for your help. You are the only person that has given str8 answers. I need you supervisors name.DISH Answers (@dish_answers)12/22/12, 10:57 AMThat is correct. The manager will email the agent who made the offer asap and one of them will reach out to you to set this up. *TFTy (@ty4uga)12/22/12, 10:53 AMSo, will I just pay $50DISH Answers (@dish_answers)12/22/12, 10:42 AM$100 initially for the upgrade, but they said they would also credit an addt'l $50, so it would only be $50 for the upgrade itself. 3/3 *TFDISH Answers (@dish_answers)12/22/12, 10:41 AMWhat will happen, is the manager is going to email the agent who made the offer and they will get this resolved. It will be 2/3 *TFDISH Answers (@dish_answers)12/22/12, 10:41 AMThanks for your patience, I did get more info. They spoke to the dispatch manager and they can upgrade you, though not at no cost. 1/3 *TFTy (@ty4uga)12/22/12, 10:25 AMOkDISH Answers (@dish_answers)12/22/12, 10:25 AMThanks! I am going to contact our dispatch office in the area and see if I can have someone reach out to you. I will follow up ASAP. *TFTy (@ty4uga)12/22/12, 10:22 AM

DISH Answers (@dish_answers)12/22/12, 10:21 AMGreat, ty. I am going to reach out on our side and see what's possible. May I please verify the 4-digit pin or last 4 of the SSN? *TFTy (@ty4uga)12/22/12, 10:18 AMAcct#DISH Answers (@dish_answers)3/27/12, 1:48 PMI'm sorry for the trouble, Ty. If u have any other questions in the future, we are here to assist. *TFTy (@ty4uga)3/27/12, 1:09 PMI can ask the same question to 5 Dish employees, and I'll get 5 different answers.DISH Answers (@dish_answers)3/27/12, 1:04 PMI will pass this information along for u. We didn't have any solid info on the price of the Hopper until it was rele... (@ty4uga)3/27/12, 12:58 PMThem anyway.Ty (@ty4uga)3/27/12, 12:58 PMEverything is on my account and nothing has been done. I was offered some free ppv coupons; which I told the lady I didnt want. She sentTy (@ty4uga)3/27/12, 12:57 PMNot do leave Dish and wait for the hopper system. I was even sent a free sling adapter. Because I have a 922. Now I lost all promo w/ UverseDISH Answers (@dish_answers)3/27/12, 12:55 PMWhat information were you given by some of our agents? *TFTy (@ty4uga)3/27/12, 12:51 PMI understand, but Dish doesn't back up information that their employees tell customers. Especially, when they've been long time customers.DISH Answers (@dish_answers)3/27/12, 12:45 PMI understand. Our system lets us know what an account qualifies for based on current promotions that are available. *TFTy (@ty4uga)3/27/12, 12:35 PMThanks for looking, but Dish has done nothing to try and keep me as a happy customer. Which saddens me because I've referred several people.DISH Answers (@dish_answers)3/21/12, 12:49 PM

I set up the appointment for today between the hours of 8am - 12pm, and you guessed it. No one showed up. I'm DONE!

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