Don't get dish!!!In summary I was lied to by the sales agent told me I would have all the channels I was requesting "cooking" was one but was later told that was just a promotion I needed to upgrade to get these channels.I was lied to by the sales agent about the equipment and type of account I had. A few months later I needed to move due to lease bring up and work relocation Dish requested a $100 installation fee which is in the fine print.I complained and stated I am not paying the fee CSR agent stated would reduce to $50 that was a lie I received the other $50 on my bill.Called for all the inconvenience the dish rep.

Gave me a free Dual tv DVR. after having for one month the box hard drive crashed. DISH CSR stated that I needed insurance or I would be charged for the new box. I asked charges for a box that you gave me that was broke.

a month after receiving my replacement DVR. my DVR service completely was wiped out. I was told by a tech agent a technician would come out for no additional charge. this was a lie I was charged on my CC card for the insur ance.

after two weeks from the technician checking my box the DVR finally completely stopped working. another technical support agent stated I must have a faulty box and would be sending a replacement for no additional charge yes this was another lie. I checked my statement last night and I was charged $75 for a equipment purchase.

this was told to me by the technical support agent who said that he would get it taken care of but hung up on me didn't call back nor give me the authorized charge I will be counseling my service I do not care at this point about the early termination fee. DO NOT GET DISH THEY LIE/SCAMMERS

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Technical Support.

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False advertising of channels that you do not receive and slamming the charges on you credit card if you have not authorized the charges are complaints worthy of notifying your Attorney General in the state you live and the Federal Trade Commission. This company is very bad news.

Aurora, Colorado, United States #644486

It would be my pleasure to help you with your situation if you could please email me your account information at michael.lemar@dish.com! I'll look forward to your response so I can get this straightened out for you!

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