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DISH LIES!!! I have the proof recorded.

I was a direct tv customer and became frustrated with the "contractual disputes" with local channels. In February 2017 I called DISH and spoke to a salesman who assured me that I would not have to deal with disputes and that all contracts were recently signed. I stressed that if I were to switch I would incur an early term fee from direct tv and wanted to be sure I would not have to deal with losing my local stations. After an hour on the phone going over every little detail I made the decision to switch to DISH.

Not even 3 weeks into my contract with DISH we lost local channels ABC & WMUR. I explained to "office of the president" my frustrations and that I was lied to only to be told that "being lied to" was a harsh term and that maybe I was misinformed. He offered me a $5.00 credit for 3 months... which was not the point of my call.

I then received a call from a tech manager in Concord NH (on a separate matter) who informed me that I could get an over the air antenna(OTA) and I would never lose my local channels again... he directed me to call customer service and put in a work order to have it installed. I called tech support and they were setting up the work order when she tried to waive the fee (which SHE felt I deserved under the circumstances) it wouldn't go through.... Long story short I spoke to the office of he president who again didn't believe that I was "lied" to and felt that they didn't owe me anything (not in those words) The fact is ...

I only switched to DISH because I was told I would not lose local channels... I incurred an early term fee and there was a lot more that has occurred including: problems with the hopper shutting down randomly... not being able to watch the channels I was paying for and (my favorite) kicking a technician out of my house due to being mistreated ... all within the first 3 weeks of my contract.

Today I contacted DISH acting as a "new" customer I spoke with sales person Sally id#8NE who assured me that DISH NEVER loses their local channels!!! I then called back and this time recorded the call (which I will be happy to share) this time the sales person assured me that all my local stations from Boston Ma (abc,NBC,cbs....) were all available now and I would not lose them! I then called and spoke to Jesse id#UX2 from the office of the president and explained the situation and how I recorded being "lied" to. We talked about getting the OTA and he acknowledged that it's not right that their sales people are saying that.

LONG story short he offered me 50% off the $149.00 OTA but I would have to purchase an adapter for another 49-60 dollars more. I asked for a full adjustment of $149.00 given the fact that I still have to pay direct tv an early term fee because I was lied to by DISH and that I would have to now purchase an adapter and he said he would not offer me anything additional.

I seriously could go on and on with the endless issues I've had with DISH in only 5 weeks into my contract and I intend to research options available for a true "bait and switch" If I could just switch to someone else I would but I would end up with yet another early term fee! I can upload the audio tape to anyone who is interested in listening to DISH lying to potential customers!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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