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A friend of mine, 73 year old woman went into hospital and never went home again. I tried to help her by cancelling Dish and tried to make arrangements to pick up her equipment and I was told I can't sell it as it is out of date and obsolete.

I told them I want to meet at her house to pick it up as she never came home from the hospital. They told me I could pay to ship it back, I told them I would drop off the equipment at an "authorized Dish retailer. I did, and then I called a tech that had worked on her home equipment and told him where I dropped it off.

Now they are calling my number to say I owe several hundred $$$ GET REAL DISH. GROW UP , you are not as desirable as you think and you are just p o'd because I was smart enough to cancel your access to her bank account BEFORE you could suck more out.$85.00 per month to watch television that would cut off EVERYTIME it rained or a storm blew through is asinine.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Account.

Reason of review: ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Preferred solution: LEAVE US THE *** ALONE and add an option to cancel service via web and phone.

I didn't like: Being lied to, Service provided, Bad debt collection.

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Germantown, Maryland, United States #1013277

ATTENTION!! all DISH Network customers or potential customers, DISH network a satellite provider will rip you off.

DISH will lie to get you as a customer and then they will install defective Equipment, when the equipment doesn't work properly they will charge you a $95.00 service call to install it properly or replace it. If you object to the constant outages or the charges for them to repair or replace their defective equipment they will tell you if you do not like their service pay a $1,000.00 termination fee and leave. IF there are any other options for you to have TV or Internet service do not even consider DISH Network, if you already have Dish network and you are dissatisfied watch for a link to a Class Action Lawsuit that is in its beginning stages. DISH is worse than dealing with Organized crime so BEWARE!!!!!

With Dish network your TV or Internet service will go out with clouds, rain, snow, or none of the above, the service they provide will go out often for no reason and if you object they will laugh at you and tell you to pay the termination fee if you do not like it. Dish Network has subcontractors doing their work and they will access your computer, send you unsolicited spam and ***, the sub contractors will charge you for supplies you do not receive and they will intentionally adjust your satellite equipment so that you get slow and often no internet coverage.


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