I signed up for Dish Net because I live in rural Texas and because of the ADD saying they were fast. NOT true!!!

Now i'm locked in a contract with them and getting every excuse known to man, wrong time of day to be on, modem not clearing data, satellite slow today, not compatible with other computers you try to connect to. Dial up is *** near as fast.

Debating on canceling account, paying the $400 plus dollars and telling them to pack their television service up too. Try other options if any are available, just dont go with Dish Net if at all possible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Big Spring, Texas, United States #931664

Satellite is the slowest internet of the big 3. (DSL, Cable Broadband & Sat)

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #824934

If you have used your alloted data, it does get throttled down to near dial up speeds. Also, their highest tier package is up to 10 Mbps.

If it is high traffic time of the day and you have a poorly mounted dish, those will both slow it down. Lastly, if you think you haven't used all your data, and you have a wireless router connected, disco it. Something is connecting to that router to steal your internet. That is not supported by dish internet.

It will work, but technically, their only supported platform is with a one computer direct connect to the modem.

If you have a tv contract, the dishnet will be a seperate contract with a seperate cancellation fee. That means you would be charged two cancellation fees if you cancel everything.

I would look into that alittle deeper first. It could get costly.

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