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We have dish net work since June 2007. Since the first day we are having trouble with dish net work every month they charged more amount then was told by there representative at the time of signing of contract.

We have to call dish network every month to get our bill corrected. The same can be verified from our account. After many calls with company their representative told us that our bill will be for $24.95 everything included but they are billing us more than $30.00. Even the person who called for signing told us that our contract will expire in October 2008.

But when we called dish net work representative we were told that our contract will expire in January. Why their representatives who made us to sign the contract lied to us. Is this the dishnet work policy to say something and do something. We were glad that we will have no more pain dealing with dishnetwork but were disappointed to hear that we have to bear with those people 3 more month i.e.

up to January 2008. Is it possible we can get rid from this company because we want to switch to comcast who have best service and they never lied to us we enjoyed comcast before we started dish net work. We share our bad experience of dishnet with our relatives and friend and even with those people whom we don't know. And we have decided to put dishnet work policies in newspapers and consumer protection forum so that the innocent people like us should suffer no more.

We are paying more then was told and are wasting our time dealing with that company who tell something and do something.

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Ambrosden, England, United Kingdom #39910

Yes, I got the dishnet last week and they did the same thing to me. dishnetwork cheats.

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