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I am with Dish Network for more then six years, also second house for four years. I still believe they have best programing...

last week one of mine 722 dvrs went bad. I have two 722 and one 211 Two technicians came to the house and replaced 722, they told me it was too close to my center bad. Then they told me about new whole-home HD DVR- Hopper. One of my first questions was: "What is the benefit of Hopper over 722?".

They told me that has bigger hard drive 2t. also it has better resolution of 1080P...Wow I was waiting for that for the long time. They called Dish from my phone for me to talk to customer no service about installing one of those Hoppers. Customer no service guy confirmed that Hopper has better resolution then 722.

I scheduled new appointment (guys were out of time) for the next week. Yesterday again two new technicians came in. On the way in I've asked them again about resolution one of them (more experienced) was not sure, but younger guy confirmed that I will have 1080P programming. At the and I've initialed and sign the first document which was about new equipment and service performed.

Then I saw tech highlighting my signature and transferring it to several other places on the documents...Later that evening I received two e-mails...second one was NEW CONTRACT for the two years...that I've never signed, but my "transferred signature was there." Last night I was talking to I assume medium level supervisor (Heather), she was trying to pressure me... that I am in "commitment". They FALSIFIED my signature to the document. Then she offered me $10 of the bill for the next 12 months.

Those electronic signatures are difficult to make even similar.

There is six signatures and they are copies of the one...

Any lawyers interested?

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DanB@Dish Network

@MacMac, I would like to start by apologizing for the delayed response to your post. I do want to assure you that we take matters of forgery very seriously.

If this issue hasn't been resolved yet, I would like to review the situatio to ensure that this was handled properly. Please e-mail me at:

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