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takes money from your debit account , ididnt sign a contract nor do i have dish network at my house never have and never will , and then the sales reps will not let you talk to supervisors to get it straighten out iwish somebody that could really put them to the test do so, theyer under handed and been trained ,they took out 400.00 that i didnt have in iwish there to the bank , and which i would be liable for ,i wish something could be done if you didnt have aortherization from person it couldnt be done people have to relie on this to sometimes to order med s or different things i dont like to carry cash ,but it looks like if your puse gets lost or snatch its not going to be any better

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i have been watching the same showe's for 4 nonths now. i never watch all the jewllery channels.

nor any of the weight loss channels. why not give the customer something for their money.

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