Dish network equipment and service is not worth it. We have had it about a year and a half and have had three DVR in that time.

They had charged our account for the second DVR which was $300 until they received it. They also over chaged us $199. Our services was turned off due to the charges. The second DVR was sent back to the company we have comformation that they received the DVR back.

They will not credit or turn on our services until they check the DVR to make sure that it was nothing we did to the box. They said they did make a mistake and would credit our account for the $199. They told us that it would take any were from 5 days to three weeks to check the box and that if we wanted our service back on we would have to pay the $300 now and they would credit us back when they were done looking at the box. So we will have no tv until then.

They are very rude on the phone when you call. I also do have a complaint on how they bill how can a company charge for a services that has not been provided.

They told us they bill one month ahead.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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