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I was a dish customer for 27 months. I went through 4 receivers along with them trying to charge me for not having a telephone line which they installed.

I went to direct after sending the receiver back through ups. My husband has cataracts and wear glasses and he must have wrote the tracking number down wrong. Ten months later dish put a 350.00 charge on my credit card.After fighting with my bank(Chase) over a unauthorized charge to my card. I had to pay the 350.00.

I decided to cancel the card that we had for many years because we lost faith in the bank because the fraud department does not protect it's customers. Dish is known to put a 350.00 charge after you have been gone about 10 months because they know you don't save the receipts that long. Just be careful doing business with dish. I would not put them in my dog house for free.

I will keep all receipts from now on because you don't know what companies are honest. I also thought that my bank was the best.

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Hi, this is Alicia Brink. I'm with the Executive Offices of DISH Network.

I apologize about the inconvenience that this may have caused. I understand that it is hard to keep receipts for that long of a time frame; however this is not always required. When you cancel services you are given 30 days to return the equipment. The equipment is specific to your account by the serial number.

When we receive the equipment back it is tracked using the serial number and removed from the account. If for some reason we do not receive the equipment back you will be charged. A bill is sent within 20 days of the charge being made to the last address we have on file for you. If payment is not made for the equipment we charge your credit or debit card that you authorized us to use when you initially set up the account.

Once the equipment is returned all charges would be credited and refunded. If you have any other questions or concerns please let us know

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