Customer Service Very BAD! Asked to speak to supervisor.

Never was connected. Spend over 45 min and no results! CSR asking silly questions about my privacy, about my internet connections and giving comments, why I just don't read weather and traffic info on the computer instead to watch it on TV. They were calling me again and again with the silly offers.

Manager! Were are You! Call me please! I'd like to inform You about the service Your CSR provide!

I spoke to persons with the phone #'s 12129130607,also 12624371110 and somebody else, who I couldn't even understand are? After all they just hanged up! And no supervisor, no manager!

Thanks for a "GREAT SERVICE DISHNETWORK!" I'll never ever will consider to choose YOU! And like to say to others-BE CAREFUL!

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Hi, this is Alicia Brink. I'm with DISH Network.

I understand your frustration. We do have independent retailers that will sell DISH Network. The number(s) you listed above do look like a retailer not DISH directly. If you are contacted by them and wish not be to you can ask them to put you on a DON NOT CALL list.

If you are a DISH Network customer we do ask several security questions to protect our customers identity, however if you are not a customer than it may just be a sales agent trying to gather information to provide you with the best offer and program/internet plans for your needs. We take great pride in being able to offer more promotions and discounts on our already low prices. We also offer several programming promotions to our customers to allow them to view a channel and see if they have an interest in it before having to pay for it. Once the free preview is over if it is not removed than it does start charging the account until you remove it.

When you have equipment leased through us it is still under warranty and we cover the cost to replace the equipment if needed. If a technician is required to make a home visit there is a charge for that but we will not charge you any additional fees to replace the equipment if needed. Because we understand it may be difficult for customers we do offer a service plan to help with this cost. Our service plan is like no other company out there.

We have taken the needs of our customers and created a resolution for them through our service plan. Our service plan is available at any time even if you already have an existing issue. Our goal is to provide customers satisfaction. Since we take pride in being the lowest all digital TV provider we offer cost effective programming plans for every budget.

All TV providers have annual/semi annual price increases, but I assure you that we have the lowest percentage of increase year after year. If you have any other questions please feel free to let us know.


Horrible Service with bait and switch tactics.The hidden charges are outrages. They want you to pay for the cost and shipping to replace their faulty products.

Fees to change programming not to mention the monthly increases.

Their basic package doesn't even include some basic cable channels. I going to Comcast.

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