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about 10months ago i receive the advertising newspaper stating that is for only $19.99 per month if i were to sign up for 2yrs. so i did guess what happen now, they just put a new promotion of $24.99 so they charge me of $24.99 instead of 19.99.

i call them back and them why am i being charge of the new promotion, guess what the supervisor say, that the way it is i have to pay for that price now cause they have just move up i stuck with it. basically they do what they want cause they know i have to stuck with them for 2yrs.

can they do that, jack up the price when ever they fell like it. even though i still keep the promotion newspaper when i sign up with them.

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I was also deceived by DISH. I received a mailer saying 37.99 a month for 12 months.

(for the Top200) Lock in your savings now.

Dish told me I would need to sign a 24 month contract to get this rate. Then 3 months later increased my bill by 2.00

I was told although I signed a contract the small print said prices subject to change without notification. WHAT???

I entered into a contract for 24 months to get a locked in rate for the first 12 and prices are subject to change? I am filing a complaint with the Attorney General, the FCC, and writing to top management with DISH



This is Ray Calo from DISH Network. I saw your post and wanted to comment on our new customer promotions.The 19.99 price is without our local channels, and 24.99 is with our local channels included.

The new customer promotion gives one year credit per month that brings the programming charge to 24.99.

If you have any other questions feel free to post to this article. Thank You.

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