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Quoted price and received bill for 3x more. Even though had name and rep id - they don't care.

They have no managers only coaches that you speak with and they say there is nothing they can do. What other company does that? How can you trust a company that doesn't stand by their word. We have been long time customers and decided to upgrade service and that also didn't matter to them.

If you chose to use them, make sure you record your conversation and that you get it in writing. Not the way business should be done.

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I apologize about the confusion regarding your pricing. We make every effort to provide accurate and consistent information to our customers.

There are some situations that may cause your bill to increase or change; expiration of promotions, price increases, additional receivers, additional features, additional programming. We offer promotions to customers when they sign up with us, some of these promotions require you to cancel or remove the service or programming that was offered originally at no charge. If these channels or services are not removed you will than be billed the normal monthly rates for them. .

When you sign up there is a lot of information that is provided and I understand how easily things can be over looked. We try to provide detailed billing to show you each item that you are being charged for and how much it is. Because television is such a dynamic industry, some changes to programming prices are unavoidable – this is true for all pay-TV providers.

Though we must occasionally accept a price increase to continue providing a certain channel, we still offer the lowest all-digital price in the pay-TV industry. If you are still unsure of what you are being charged for or the reason why I would love to help please feel free to email me.


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