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I have had Dish Network for one year. I had been paying $54.00 per month. I just got my new bill and it is $85.00. They raised my monthly bill $30.00 per month without any notice.

I called them to see why it was increased and got nothing but lame excuses. I ordered High Def "free for life" last December and without my knowledge they said I would be charged extra for it after 9 months. I asked to cancel the High Def and was told I could not do that and they also added 7 more months to my agreement without my knowledge.

So, I would not ever recommend Dish Network to anybody. They are an unscrupulous company. Never again!

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I can definitely understand how frustrating it can get when the bill increases. We do offer HD Free For Life for as long as the account remains active.

We have not increased any bills by $30, but it sounds like it may be a credit on the account that recently expired.

If you could send me an email at thomas.faust@dishnetwork.com with the account or phone # I can check this out further with you.

Tommy Faust

DISH Network Executive Offices

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